Psychic Sylvia Brown predicted the COVID-19 pandemic

The famous psychic Sylvia Brown predicted the emergence of the coronavirus and its rapid spread around the world back in 2008.

COVID-19 was first detected last year in one of the Chinese provinces of Hubei. It was there that the first patient was found. Since that time, the dangerous disease has spread throughout the world. To date, according to official figures, about 16.5 million people have been infected. More than 645 thousand people died.

Coronavirus conspiracy theories are found in large numbers on the Internet today. Users put forward a variety of versions of exactly where this incredibly dangerous virus could have come from. Some say that the pandemic was predicted back in the 16th century by Nostradamus. Others emphasize that the Book of Revelation from the Bible speaks specifically of the 2020 pandemic. A lot of users have found a small excerpt from a book written in 2008 by Sylvia Brown, where the coronavirus is also most likely mentioned.

The book has the title “End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies of the End of the World.” In it, the seer said that a dangerous form of pneumonia would spread at an incredible speed around the world, which would take a huge number of lives. Of course, coronavirus is not a direct form of pneumonia, but it can provoke symptoms that are very similar to this disease.

A huge number of predictions can be found about the fact that some kind of pandemic will soon happen. Many Internet users and experts attribute all these prophecies to the coronavirus, because they find a lot of similarities in the words of the predictors and what is happening today.

By Cindy
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September 15, 2020

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