Our main task is not to create uncomfortable situations.

In all romantic films, special attention is paid to eye contact between a man and a woman. It is very important for directors and screenwriters to convey the moment of attraction of strangers to each other, and so that it is as effective as possible.

Usually such situations look like this: the two main characters look at each other for a while, then one of them winks seductively at the other, and in the next frame we already see them in bed.

In real life, everything happens a little differently, so it is presumptuous to count on such a rapid development of the event, to put it mildly. First, it is worth remembering that not all girls are pleased when they are stared at. Especially if it happens late in the evening in a deserted place. Secondly, their plans may not include meeting an unknown dude who unexpectedly fell for them.

These and many other factors must be taken into account before deciding to establish eye contact with a girl in order to meet and not seem creepy. Now we will talk about the main rules of this process.

Does eye contact always mean mutual attraction?
How to make eye contact with a stranger and not sound like a creep: a smart guide
Eye contact is an important part of human non-verbal communication. The ability to correctly recognize and respond to it is a very useful skill that directly affects the outcome of dating.

However, the look of a girl turned in your direction does not necessarily indicate that she wants to make love to you. More often than not, eye contact can simply indicate that a person has decided to look around and nothing more.

Some views even contain a negative assessment of what is happening, for example, disgust or disapproval of your smoking in a public place (maybe this). Therefore, one should not rush to conclusions and rush into battle.

Types of eye contact

So, before I give specific recommendations on how to act in a given situation, let’s figure out the main types of eye contact.

  1. Direct eye contact

Can mean: overt interest and attraction, and criticism for lack of manners or inappropriate behavior
A gaze is a sign of an open interest, but it can be uncomfortable, especially when you don’t expect it.

Surely at some point you yourself have come across direct glances directed in your direction. Regardless of whether they were approving or rather critical, you might feel a little uncomfortable catching them on yourself.

The point is that for most people, gazing can seem like an act of aggression, especially when a stranger is staring at you.

It is also worth remembering that, without hesitation, looking at the body of an unknown girl, you make her unpleasant. Why?

This is uninvited sexual communication, which is inappropriate in a neutral setting and will most likely cause discomfort to the girl;
You objectify a girl whose value comes down to her looks. Sexual objectification is a real problem that affects women around the world. Conclusion: if you, facing the eyes of the girl you like, did not see interest in her gaze, do not continue to stare at her, it scares and causes discomfort.

The girl’s gaze into your eyes, in turn, can, depending on the situation, be a sign of interest or tell you something like “stop looking at me.”

  1. A sneak glance

It can mean: sympathy and simultaneous shyness, as well as an attempt to understand who you remind a person
How to make eye contact with a stranger and not sound like a creep: a smart guide
A quick glance is a fairly common form of eye contact that involves some sympathy.

A clear sign that someone is attracted to you is a quick glance in your direction. The person knows they shouldn’t be staring, so they look away, but then they look back at you.

To some, such glances may not seem very romantic. However, meeting with the eyes for just a moment can be a rich intimate experience that is especially significant because of its brevity.

  1. Complete lack of a look in your direction

May mean: strong attraction and very much shyness, as well as complete disinterest

Sometimes it happens that one person is very attracted to another, but he is not ready to look him in the eye. The fact is that some people simply cannot look at the object of their desires because of the fear of being noticed and self-doubt.

Be that as it may, a complete lack of a glance may indicate a lot of sympathy, mainly in those circumstances when people spend a lot of time with each other, but do not interact. For example, at work.

However, if a girl on public transport does not notice you, it hardly means that she wants you.

How to attract a girl through eye contact

So, we get to the very bottom – to the question of how to attract a girl through eye contact, without looking creepy.

  1. Be delicate

As you have already understood, the main rule in making eye contact is not to scare the girl. Since you practically do not know the person with whom you plan to exchange glances, you need to act delicately and carefully.

It must be remembered that girls are used to unwanted attention from men, so too long and intent gaze can only ruin everything, because there is a fine line between unobtrusive interest and obsessive.

Thus, there is no need to look at the girl steadily, especially in places where she cannot feel completely safe. For example, in public transport.

Instead, throw a few cursory glances in her direction to show your interest.

  1. Act according to the situation

If you manage to get eye contact, don’t dwell on it too long, but best of all, look away first. If you notice that the girl started sneaking glances at you after you did, you have a chance to smile back at her to show your interest.

However, if after this the girl turns away and begins to ignore you, do not try to take any further action. Remember that it is very easy for guys to appear creepy if they stare persistently, expecting a response.

  1. If you see mutual interest, talk to the girl

So, you exchanged cursory glances and then smiled at each other – this is a sign of mutual interest, which can develop into conversation and further acquaintance.

But remember the main rule – do not discuss the eye contact that just happened between you.

Consider this look an invitation to step up and break the ice. Don’t talk about eye contact itself. Talking about signs of interest is too much and can upset the whole moment.

During the conversation, you can try to exchange contact information with the girl and invite her to meet in a more suitable setting.

By Cindy
September 14, 2020

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