US resident falls ill with coronavirus again 10 days after recovery

An 82-year-old Massachusetts man has struggled with the disease for a long time, which was not easy at his age. However, as it became known, the desperate battle did not bring results: the American fell ill again.

The patient was infected with the coronavirus in early April: he turned to Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital, as his body temperature did not drop. The patient was connected to a ventilator, since the man was not only aged, but also belonged to a risk group: he had Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and high blood pressure.

For almost 40 days, the man fought for his life. At the end of the treatment, two tests showed negative results. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for the man: after 10 days, the American again came to the hospital, only with more serious symptoms. So, the elderly man had a fever, and it was also difficult for him to breathe.

A chest X-ray showed traces of the virus’ activity: the lungs were affected. The test also re-identified the coronavirus. Re-treatment took half a month. On the 15th day, the doctors discharged the American. According to experts, there was no re-infection, but testing inaccuracy. This is possible in the case of prolonged virus shedding.

According to studies, the human body either does not produce immunity at all, or it does it for a short time (maximum six months). This means one thing: you need to take care of yourself as much as possible and not hope that you will not get sick again.

By Cindy
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September 12, 2020

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