Virologist who fled China and told the world the truth about coronavirus fears for her life

Dr. Li Meng Yang said that her superiors, at the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, hid the whole truth. In fact, Beijing tried to silence everyone, but this could not last long.

The virologist shared the details of how they tried to hide from society the truth about how dangerous the coronavirus is. Now a woman is afraid for her life, because she may be avenged for revealing classified information.

The Chinese authorities treat informers very badly. They want society to be silent not only about the situation with the coronavirus, but also about many other serious things. The virologist also added that she is waiting for a really opportune moment to tell about all the details and provide the US authorities with real evidence.

According to the doctor, the Beijing authorities knew very well that more than 40 people had contracted the coronavirus back in early December. At that time, it was already clear that the virus can be transmitted from person to person without problems. It is worth noting that in May, an Australian newspaper published information obtained from an intelligence dossier compiled by the Five Eyes agency.

It tells how the Chinese authorities continued to deny until January 20 that the virus could be transmitted between people. The virologist, in turn, says that if the government did not hide the truth, it would be possible to save a huge number of lives without problems.

This pandemic is one of the largest. And the sooner the fight against it began, the fewer people would die. It is worth noting that at the very beginning of the spread of the coronavirus, experienced specialists did not pay any attention to the conclusions about the virus that were made by Dr. Li Meng Yang.

By Cindy
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September 10, 2020

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