I hope you know where you are going.

If you want to figure out how to take a girl off a guy, my guide should help you. But I immediately warn you:

I am against deliberately destroying happy couples out of jealousy, revenge, or for “fun.” Three main rules:
1) Don’t use dirty methods (don’t lie);
2) Analyze your feelings and desires;
3) Think before taking any action.

Now we will deal with this.

How to “beat off” an ex-girlfriend from a new boyfriend

Before embarking on an operation to return your ex, try to be very honest to answer a few key questions:

  • How serious was your relationship?
  • Do you really love her, or just don’t want someone else to get her?
  • Are you married with several children, or have you only been dating for a couple of months?
  • Will you continue to love her after she is yours?

If you’ve only been dating for a few months, it may have been a temporary affair for her, to which she did not attach much importance. In such cases, getting the girl back is not so easy.

If you have been together for many years, and at some point she abruptly left for another, it is quite possible that she succumbed to a momentary impulse, which she will later regret, realizing that she feels most comfortable with you.

It also happens that she has met the love of her life, and is not going to leave her. It’s better to just accept it and keep on living.

In short, there can be many reasons for your breakup. Analyzing them, choose one of the listed strategies for yourself and act. But always remember that in love affairs you cannot get one hundred percent guarantees.

  1. Try to change

It is unlikely that your ex left you during the time when everything was fine with you, and you completely satisfied her. Quite often, unexpected breaks are preceded by certain circumstances.

For example, lately she was very unhappy that you began to drink too much, play computer games, or show a sense of possessiveness, jealous of her for all living things.

If so, try to find out if she is ready to return to you if you change for the better. But the most important thing is to answer the question to yourself whether you are ready to change for her sake.

It is quite possible that after your promise to become a better person, she will agree to return and even help you in this difficult matter. But if you later do not keep your word, she will probably leave you forever.

  1. Let her know that she is very important to you

Often, one of the partners wants decisive action from the other, but in return receives only excuses, which are based on the thesis “now is not the time for this.”

This may include getting married, moving to another city, or joining the family. When certain needs of a person are not systematically realized for a long time, the reasons are hushed up, and the final decision is not spoken openly, one of the partners may not stand it and simply break off the relationship.

If you understand that the main reason for your separation was precisely your unwillingness to make an important decision, I advise you to weigh your priorities and figure out if you are ready to take an important step when your girlfriend returns.

Then let her know and preferably back up your words with specific deadlines. Promise a wedding or move to another city by a specific month or year. So you will let her know that she is very important to you, and you are ready to change.

  1. Apologize to the girl if you offended her.

Often the reason for the breakup can be betrayal, betrayal, or a rude attitude. If in your case everything happened exactly like this, and you are the culprit of these events, admit your mistakes and try to sincerely ask the girl for forgiveness.

Remind her that you love her very much, ask for a second chance, and suggest starting over. Be ready to make amends, because sometimes words are not enough.

Naturally, remember that she may not forgive you and will refuse to return. Such an outcome of events is also possible.

  1. Try to do something romantic

The most important thing at this stage is not to be intrusive. Many guys, parting with girls, forget about it and constantly call them, write to instant messengers, stand under the windows and even stalk (stalking is evil!).

This is the most disastrous position imaginable, and in many cases guarantees even more rejection from the girl.

To do some romantic act, try to remember what your girlfriend loved, what she dreamed of and what she wanted. Think about it carefully and make a beautiful gesture.

Just remember that after your breakup there cannot be many such gestures, but, most likely, only one. Also bear in mind that he may not bear fruit and she will refuse to return.

If that happens, try to leave her alone and move on. Sometimes you need to let go of a person and make room in your heart for a new one.

How to “beat off” a girl from a guy if you’ve never met her before

Now let’s analyze the situation when you fell in love with a girl who is already dating someone, and you really want to be with her.

Before we start, I want to say right away that breaking someone’s union is not as easy as you think. Firstly, a couple can be happy with each other, and no obstacles, such as guys in love or girls from the outside, can cause her to break up.

Secondly, you have every chance of failing the task of charming a girl if you behave unceremoniously and go ahead. To please her, you need to have truly diplomatic communication skills and not overstep the boundaries of what is permissible.

Now I will tell you exactly how it works.

  1. Be good with yourself

Let’s start with an integral basis – appearance.

Try to do everything to look perfect – sign up for the gym, get yourself a trendy hairstyle, trim your beard (or simply shave), update your wardrobe, go to the solarium, sign up for a teeth brushing, go for a massage, visit a nail salon, work on your posture and etc.

You must look good so that it is pleasant to be with you, to talk, to listen to you. Appearance is the first thing to work on before courting a girl, especially if she’s already in a relationship.

  1. Watch your manners

It is possible that you are not yet familiar with the girl you want to date. Therefore, you have yet to get to know her and, as a result, make a good impression.

To do this, one must really try hard and not look squeezed, constrained, tense, but also overly liberated, vulgar, arrogant. You need to arouse her interest in your person and at the same time be as natural as possible.

Do not be afraid to be yourself, because she will notice any falsity in your behavior, and you will look stupid. Even if you are an adult, you have every chance to seem like a young and inexperienced pick-up artist, who has only one thing in mind – to drag her into bed.

At the same time, you need to be self-confident, self-ironic and by no means narcissistic.

When you meet, you can compliment her, but not objectify. In other words, if you want to focus on her looks, praise her shoes, not her figure. If you prefer to focus on her personality, note the interesting train of her thoughts, for example.

  1. Watch your body language

Along with appearance and correct communication, you should always remember about the non-verbal side of your personality. That is, try to follow your body language, which, as you know, says a lot.

For example, do not forget about eye contact (but also do not overdo it), do not slouch, try to speak clearly and loudly enough, well, and most importantly, show your confidence. Don’t look down, don’t rub your hands somewhere at groin level and don’t stand in confusion, not knowing what to do with yourself.

Exude confidence and it will attract her.

  1. Take action

So, after you have become a pleasant and interesting character, start talking little (and unobtrusively) with the girl you want to date. You should not rush things, just try to be there from time to time and impress her with your person more and more.

When you notice that she is becoming partial to you, add romantic episodes to your communication. If you see that she likes it all, then perhaps she will be ready to go much further with you than her friends can afford.

However, even in this case, you have to consider that for her it may be just an affair, and she is not ready to part with her boyfriend.

At some point, you should definitely have a conversation about this. Believe me, you will feel when the moment is right, and even then you will be able to discuss the future of your relationship.

By Cindy
September 10, 2020

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