This behavior puts your relationship at risk.

Cheating, jealousy, rudeness – all these things often lead to breakups. However, these are far from the only reasons why a girl might decide to stop dating you.

There are also less obvious behaviors that can ruin your love life and provoke problems on the romantic front again and again.

Below is a complete list that I highly recommend getting rid of if you want to be a good partner.

  1. You refuse to compromise

We all want to get what we want and be victorious in any situation, but a healthy relationship is about equality, not the dominance of one over the other.

Constantly insisting on your own and not taking into account the girl’s opinion is wrong. Just as always and in everything to agree with her, forgetting about their needs and desires.

Try to stick to the golden mean and in controversial moments look for a compromise that suits both of you.

  1. You are hiding something from your girlfriend

We all sometimes don’t agree on something, but emotional openness and honesty are the foundation of a strong relationship. Many people – especially men who are taught from childhood not to talk about their feelings – prefer to remain silent about what is really happening to them.

However, hiding part of your past or present may seem like a trick on your part for a girl.

If she feels like you’re hiding your real identity behind a mask, it can weaken your bond and even lead to a breakup.

  1. Too much negativity comes from you

Holding back negative emotions can be difficult at times. When you love someone, it may seem like it’s worth sharing all your feelings with that person, whether they are positive or negative.

But do not abuse this right. If you swear too often (at someone else), resent and complain, and also feel sorry for yourself, the girl may not stand it and decide to end your relationship.

Try to focus more often on the bright sides of your life, be grateful for what you have, and bring as many positive emotions as possible into your union.

  1. You don’t keep your word

Another way to undermine trust, which can lead to rupture, is failure to keep promises. It could be late for dinner, canceling a date at the last moment, or the fact that you forgot to do what she asked.

Few people want to be with a partner they cannot rely on and whose words mean nothing. Therefore, try to promise only what you can actually fulfill, and if you suffer from forgetfulness, put reminders on your phone or take notes to remind yourself of what to do and when.

  1. Micro-cheating

You may not have sex with another girl while you are in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be unfaithful.

Nowadays, micro-cheating is very common, that is, flirting by correspondence in various messengers, social networks and applications. These actions can destroy your monogamous partnership and make the girl feel betrayed.

Remember that different people have their own gradations of cheating, and in order to understand what exactly your friend considers infidelity, it is worth discussing this issue with her in advance and not allow behavior that can hurt her.

  1. You never take the initiative

Your inability to actively participate in the relationship can be very exhausting for the girl, which can ultimately lead to your breakup. Does she constantly schedule your meetings, initiate sex and write first?

If the answer is yes, then you should start putting in more effort to show your commitment and interest in maintaining the union.

  1. You don’t listen to the girl

All the problems in this list can be fixed if they are noticed, discussed and worked out in time … except, perhaps, this one. If you don’t listen to what your girlfriend has to say, you will be completely unaware of what makes her sad and uncomfortable in your relationship.

Like all of the points above, not being able to really pay attention to your partner’s thoughts and feelings may not end the relationship right away, but it is a one-way ticket to breaking up.

If you can’t figure out what’s going on and start working on changing your behavior, your friend’s frustration will continue to grow to a critical point.

By Cindy
September 9, 2020

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