Since dating applications appeared in our life, dating has finally moved online. It would seem that Tinder is a brave new world where you can find both love and a lover. But not everything is so simple: more often from friends we hear about failed meetings than about “dream dates”.

How to present yourself in Tinder to get more matches?

  1. Define a goal

Once you’ve opened Tinder, ask yourself, “Why am I here?” Do you want to find love or have a good night? Set aside prejudices: all goals are normal, but it’s important to honestly tell yourself what you want. Are you afraid that if you are too straightforward, you will get rejected? To be afraid of refusals – do not go to Tinder. Just accept it.

  1. Write about yourself

So, we have decided on the goal, we proceed to the registration of the questionnaire. The questionnaire should match your purpose: who are you looking for? On the one hand, you should not limit yourself to too rigid a framework and describe the desired partner down to the size of the clothes: this way you risk missing out on interesting matches. Better start with yourself: write who you are, what you are interested in and what you do.

  1. Don’t make up a complicated description

Many users like to compete in creativity by filling out a profile description, but I don’t advise: there is a risk of slipping into a specific genre. Better to avoid offensive clichés and keep a fine line between the original presentation and the message you want to convey.

Write about yourself and your desires in your own words, the way you talk in everyday life. References to viral media stories like “my face is perfect to sit on” are good only if they are justified by the context of your statement and are truthful.

  1. Visual is our everything

Whatever one may say, acquaintance begins with the visual part of the profile: we choose with our eyes and first of all we look at the photo. Don’t use a small image or a group photo: the plan should be large and the composition should be clear.

An angle from below, taken for a selfie to add brutality to yourself, is not always justified. The “rich successful man” look is more of a sneer than admiration.

The photo should show you as you are in real life, only a little better: a stylish suit and a neat hairstyle will definitely not hurt. But a selfie with a cat or your beloved dog is not a crime: affection and swipe are guaranteed.

  1. Reception of defamiliarisation

After completing the profile, take a break, and then return to the profile and look at it with a fresh eye. What information can you add? And what formulations sound ambiguous? It is important to evaluate the profile description objectively.

You can call a friend for help: ask him to look at your profile and give feedback. Does the profile reflect you? Is it clear who you are and who are you looking for? It should be.

By Cindy
September 8, 2020

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