Chinese virologists reveal the sensational truth about the coronavirus

The Chinese Communist Party not only denied the guilt of the Celestial Empire in the pandemic, but also carefully concealed any information about the new virus until it left the country. As a result, the world was hit by a pandemic, which caused huge losses.

Scientists from the Wuhan laboratory told American intelligence that the virus did not appear in mid-December, but much earlier. In early December, people were already actively infected. Virologists informed the Chinese authorities: they immediately released a paper that obliged everyone to keep their mouths shut.

So far, there is no indisputable evidence of Beijing’s guilt of the pandemic, but Washington has already received some data that allows it to blame the Chinese side. According to Steve Bannon, a former US national security adviser to the president, the world will be shocked when the truth is revealed.

Chinese scientists who have moved to the West are now actively cooperating with American intelligence. There is already a lot of evidence that it is because of the activities of the Chinese Communist Party that other countries have suffered huge losses, both financial and human.

Virologist Li Meng Yan, who moved to the United States, said that the doctors received a document obliging everyone to remain silent. It was forbidden even to discuss the infection. British studies have shown that the virus was already present in the fall and possibly even in August 2019. The infection was in a dormant state; a confluence of natural factors influenced the activation of the virus.

Experts from the University of Barcelona generally believe that the virus was already in March 2019: this was indicated by the analysis of wastewater in cities. In China, the coronavirus intensified in early December, but at first China stubbornly did not recognize the fact that a large-scale epidemic had begun.

By Cindy
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September 8, 2020

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