Well, seriously, it’s not cool.

During the pandemic, dating apps have become one of the most popular ways to make romance or new friends, and the number of users of all genders has skyrocketed.

This fact had little effect on the number of your matches, and is it pretty close to zero? Do not despair and think that something is wrong with you. I’m sure you’re a very cool guy, but perhaps you use one of those phrases in your bio that more often turns girls off than attracts them.

  1. Wanderlust

I will reveal a terrible secret: love of travel is not something unique, almost everyone loves to visit new places (just not everyone can).

Of course, there is nothing wrong with mentioning this hobby and even finding fellow travelers for a new trip through the dating application, but it is important to use the correct and correct wording for this.

It’s definitely worth getting rid of such phrases: they are not only boring, but also annoying.

“My craziest trip is on the island of _” (something that is definitely more expensive than most people’s annual salary);

“Next year I plan to visit X countries / continents”;

“I never sit in one place and do not understand how people can hang around at home all year”;

“Come with me on a trip to _? ”(Something that is definitely more expensive than most people’s annual salary).

  1. Description in the “buy and sell” style

If you are interested in healthy equal relationships, you should not indicate in your profile a list of all the material wealth that you have achieved in this life.

Such a description creates a false feeling that you are going to buy, and not deserve to be liked,
thanks to mutual sympathy and good attitude.

“The car, the apartment – everything is with me. Only you are missing ”;

“I’m not used to counting money and I like to delight with presents”;

“The master of life is looking for his mistress.”

  1. Covid spirit

The coronavirus pandemic unsettled many, and for some it completely ruined life, and we are all waiting for it to end. Therefore, complaining about the current situation, and even more rudely joking about the virus, is at least not original, but at the most tactless.

“If you don’t have coronavirus, let’s meet!”;

“Who knows when this garbage will end ?!”;

“Sex with strangers – only in masks. I’m responsible “;

“If not for the covid, I would be in the Maldives now.”

  1. Aura of inaccessibility

Each of us has a different amount of free time that we are willing to spend on dating applications.

But if you don’t have it at all, or you don’t want to carry on long correspondence with girls, maybe you should get to know yourself in other ways, instead of building an impregnable rock out of yourself?

“I rarely come here. Write to insta / whatsapp / send a pigeon “;

“I will remove this application soon”;

“I don’t know what I’m doing here”;

“I am looking for here only a wife and mother of my future children”;

“My height _. Although I don’t understand why it’s so important for everyone ”.

  1. Praising your faults

The strangest point, but a frightening number of guys think that when they describe themselves in profile with unflattering words, they look funny and original. No and no again.

“He’s still a moron”;

“Your mom will be upset that you are with me”;

“Always on its own wave”;

“I’m playing the fool in life.”

  1. Requirements sheet

We all have preferences and types of people that we like. But please, you do not need to put forward an impressive list of demands to your potential girlfriend, as if she is not going on a date, but running for president. A firm “no” – to insults ladies who are not your type.

“Full – swipe left”;

“Just don’t write to me“ how are you? ”;

“I am looking for a beautiful / smart / thin / rich / blonde / long-legged / virgin. The rest, please do not disturb. “

  1. Dull stamping

Sometimes (and quite often) in dating apps, cool profiles with mega-creative descriptions appear. As a rule, someone will immediately screen them, and they turn into memes.

So, don’t be under the illusion that you alone saw and reused an interesting run. Alas, such hype and unusual descriptions are multiplying, and it is possible that you will be the third guy with the same “enchanting bio” that a girl will see in the evening.

And there is a big risk that she will swipe to the left without even looking at your cool photos – simply because it’s boring and already trite. I will not give examples: they are constantly updated.

I’ll just give you advice – don’t be lazy to spend five minutes and give something, albeit not so brilliantly original, but honest, pleasant and sincere – these are the profiles that get the most likes.

By Cindy
September 6, 2020

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