COVID-19 expert says that we will wear masks some more years

Although the coronavirus outbreak was unexpected for the majority of people, Eric Toner was preparing for such kind of epidemic.

Thus, Toner and other scientists in October 2019 launched a simulation of the coronavirus pandemic. As the result, they were able to track several scenarios of authorities, businesses and citizens reactions to the disease spread.

Toner believes that the best way to stop the spread of the disease before the vaccine creation is to comply with quarantine restrictions, that is, adhere to social distance and wear masks.

“I think that wearing masks and social distancing are the measures we will comply with for several years, – he says. – It is really simple. It you and all your contacts are in masks, the risk of infection drastically reduces”.  

Also, the specialist believes that all people who don’t believe in social restrictions will understand their importance, but by the time they will understand it, a lot of people will be infected and even dead.  

By Cindy
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September 5, 2020

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