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Kissing is not only pleasant, but also very important for a romantic connection. A good kiss works like a drug by releasing the neurotransmitter dopamine, which makes you crave more. Do you want her to be unable to tear herself away from you? Then remember these nine easy tricks.

  1. Moisturize your lips

Have you ever tried to kiss a girl with chapped lips? Yes, it’s not very cool. Therefore, be sure to prepare your lips for a kiss by applying a special balm on them (there are cool “male” versions without gloss).

If you don’t have one on hand, drink some water or moisten your lips quickly before leaning towards her, and then the kiss will be much more pleasant.

To keep your lips always soft and ready for kisses, try to regularly use lip balm, because in summer they are affected by the sun, wind and salt water if you are at sea, and in spring, autumn and winter – cold and unfriendly wind.

  1. Don’t eat “fragrant” food before kissing

If you are going to kiss today or tomorrow, avoid foods like garlic, raw onions, cheese, cabbage, and a lot of coffee and alcohol – especially whiskey.

These foods are delicious, of course, but they are bad for the quality of the kiss (like cigarettes, which should also be discarded a few hours before the date).

  1. Always keep mints on hand

You never know exactly when a kiss might happen, so keep some refreshing help in your pocket at all times.

Did the candy or gum pack run out at the worst possible moment? Then try to quickly find a slice of lemon or orange – citrus fruits help to neutralize bad breath very well.

  1. Follow your partner’s lead

Now, before moving on to the act of kissing, remember that compromise is the key to success – especially if you and the girl are using different techniques.

Not everyone kisses the same way, so you often have to settle for something in between. If your styles are as different as possible, try to start repeating your partner’s movements.

  1. Remember that not only lips can participate in a kiss

A truly awesome kissing session is one that engages sensitive areas such as the neck, earlobes, collarbone and cheeks. So try to pull away from her lips from time to time and switch to those sweet spots.

It’s also worth stopping sometimes and looking at each other, or perhaps even telling how much you enjoy kissing her.

  1. Engage your body

Full surrender is essential to a passionate kiss, so try using your body to show how much you enjoy it. Take her face in your hands, stroke her hair, hug her. Trust me, it will be hot.

  1. Be fully present in the moment

As with great sex, you shouldn’t be distracted by what’s going on in the here and now. Try not to think about anyone or anything else.

You can’t get the most out of a kiss if you let your thoughts wander in places that have nothing to do with this girl. Try to “ground” by focusing on the feel of your friend’s lips on your own, as well as on her body under your hands.

  1. Pay attention to the girl’s reaction

It’s not just about following your partner’s example, but also about how she reacts to a playful lip bite, ear nibbling, a kiss on the neck, or a gentle slide of her tongue.

Remembering what exactly she likes the most, use it to give the girl maximum pleasure.

  1. Close your eyes

Fun fact: when you block one feeling, others escalate. If you don’t believe me, close your eyes the next time you eat pizza – you’ll make sure it tastes even more delicious.

Do the same at the time of the kiss, so that it brings maximum pleasure not only to the girl, but also to you.

By Cindy
September 5, 2020

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