So, you have been with her for some time and are absolutely happy. It looks like this is serious. And then she says that her parents want to meet you.

If at that moment a siren sounded in your head, and you began frantically looking for a lifeboat with your eyes, I advise you to take a deep breath and exhale.

Now that you’ve calmed down a bit, I suggest you read the guide on how to make a good impression on the “main man” in your girlfriend’s life, aka her father. Don’t panic, you can do it!

  1. Set the tone

The first seconds of meeting her father will either put you in a good position or make him immediately doubt your seriousness. So, start with a proper handshake — firm, but not too tight. Remember to wash your hands beforehand and make eye contact during the action. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so don’t go wrong.

  1. Revise your wardrobe

This designer T-shirt with your favorite Kamasutra pose is definitely cool. So are socks with a male genital organ. But as you might guess, her father may not appreciate your brilliant taste and sense of humor.

There is no need to wear a tuxedo (unless you are meeting in the most fashionable restaurant or at a formal event), but trendy outfits will not work for meeting the girl’s father. You’d better choose something casual.

After combing your hair, tidy your beard or shave, and at the same time make sure that all items of clothing are clean, whole, and carefully ironed.

  1. Come with gifts

If this is your first time visiting her parents’ house and really want to make a good impression, then try to make a gift, and one that her father will appreciate.

Find out from a friend if her dad drinks alcohol (if yes – what is his favorite), buy a package of high-quality tea, coffee or something else pleasant, appropriate, but not too expensive.

  1. Do your homework

Find out what her father likes and what she absolutely dislikes. What are his hobbies, what kind of sport he does or did before, what team does he support.

Even if you don’t share his interests, these clues can help you in a conversation. You can ask her dad leading questions to fill the awkward pause and give him a chance to talk about what he loves.

Try to find out in advance from your friend what topics are “prohibited” in her house, so as not to accidentally raise them.

  1. Don’t be afraid to compliment him (but in moderation)

Yes, competent compliments (not to the body, but to the qualities of a person and his merits) can and should be done not only to women, but also to men – you probably know yourself how nice it is. They praised his house, his car, some of the furnishings he made himself.

  1. Disconnect your phone

Well, at least while you’re at the table. Watching the feed or responding to non-urgent messages is rude in any normal social situation, and meeting a girl’s father is no exception, even if you are very bored.

  1. Keep your hands to yourself

Finally, even if you and your girlfriend are fortunate enough to be in the “we can’t help touching each other every second” stage, try to curb your urges.

Few people enjoy contemplating the semi-intimate touches of couples at the dinner table, and least of all – the man who raised your girlfriend.

By Cindy
September 4, 2020

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