Astrologer explaines why the COVID-19 appeared in 2020

Astrologer said that the fact that coronavirus appeared now is not an accident. It is connected with the year itself. 2020 is the year of critical 30-year processes, so that a lot of new dangerous diseases will appear.

“Cancer is a zone that affects the vulnerability of human mucous membranes, Neptune is in the Pisces zone, and Pisces is responsible for immunity. Now we can see the conflict of parade of planets with the position of Mars, Neptune is also here – that is, everything connected with the immune system. That’s why all the problems we face now – are the newest viruses and the human immunity, which has to fight against them”, said the astrologer.

Also, the astrologer highlighted that the place of Uranus may indicate that during this period, scientists can find the treatment against different viruses and even cancer and AIDS. Such position of the planets says that scientists can make a real breakthrough.

By Cindy
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September 4, 2020

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