New dangerous coronavirus strain was found in Indonesia

It was defined as D614G. The director of the Eikman Institute of Molecular Biology said that this new strain was detected in 40% of infected Indonesians.

Syahrizal Sharif, an epidemiologist at the University of Indonesia, said that Indonesians have to be obey all the quarantine measures as the amount of infected people can increase by 500 thousand of people by the end of 2020. “The situation is disturbing. Now, the transmission of the virus got out of control”, he said. He also added that the number of newly infected people will increase, as soon as the laboratories are able to test more samples per day.

The scientist said that the transmission of the virus passes more rapidly with the presence of D614G. also he noted that there is no evidence that people suffers severely from this strain.

Earlier the WHO reported that this mutation was firstly detected in February in samples from Europe and America, and also Singapore and Malaysia.

By Cindy
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September 1, 2020

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