Not only exciting, but also attractive.

There are no downsides to starting a new hobby – solid pluses. This not only expands your social circle and maintains a balance between work and personal life, but it is also guaranteed to make you a more interesting conversation partner and an attractive potential partner.

Yes, girls like guys who are interested in something other than a career, TV shows, and beer with friends on the weekends. I will say more, some of the men’s hobbies attract women more than others. Here are some examples.

  1. Make green friends

It is not at all necessary to buy a plantation and start a hacienda, but there is something attractive about a person who directs his efforts towards growing plants – even if it is just a couple of pots on his balcony or windowsill in the apartment.

Gardening means patience, dedication and understanding. And also, if your flowers do not dry out in a week, this is a sure sign that you are caring and attentive – and these are very valuable qualities in a potential partner.

  1. Turn pages

A well-read person is an eternal aphrodisiac. Take the time to learn something about things you’ve never heard of before, cultures you’ve never lived in and stories that have changed society.

Believe me, it will be not only exciting, but also very sexy. Do you still have doubts that girls are really attracted to guys with books? Then take a look at the Instagram dedicated to male readers, which already has over a million followers.

  1. Conquer her taste buds

It’s 2020, and if you’re still holding on to some outdated ideas about gender roles in potential relationships, then frankly, you don’t deserve to be in them.

There is no better way to show your love for a special person than by cooking her favorite dish and making it delicious. Believe me, the way to the heart of not only men, but also women is through the stomach.

  1. Harness the tunes

Even the most mediocre rock star will never be alone for long. Why? Because the ability to extract enchanting sounds from a soulless instrument or to conquer the audience with your voice is sexy.

By picking up an instrument or even investing in a few singing lessons, you will definitely raise your charisma by a few decibels.

  1. Go in for sports

A 2018 study confirmed that including a sport in your Tinder profile description could double your chances of getting matches. Who are we to argue with science?

Doing any sport that you enjoy is the best way not only to improve your well-being and mood, but also to become more popular for women along the way.

  1. Break the templates

Once again, we remind you that 2020 is in the yard, and it’s time to stop considering some hobbies “not masculine enough.” Ask any guy who does dance – he probably has no end in fans.

The main condition is to do what you really enjoy in order to enjoy the process, and not to impress someone. And then on your next first date there will be no shortage of questions from a companion who is sincerely interested in your hobby.

By Cindy
September 1, 2020

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