What to do in advance and how to behave when you first meet with your friend’s parents so that they like it.

When your relationship with your girlfriend gets serious and you make the decision to get married, there are many issues to deal with. You will need to decide exactly when you want to get married, where you will then live, and yes, I almost forgot, you also have to meet the parents of your bride.

Surely you would like to have good relations with her loved ones. Alas, I cannot promise that they will love you as much as your chosen one, but if you follow a few simple rules, then the chances of making a good impression on them will increase.

  1. Get inside information about her parents

Before you meet your girlfriend’s family face to face, try to learn as much as possible about them. No, I’m not talking about passport details and credit history right now. Ask your friend what they work for, their hobbies and personality traits.

Having received a kind of “verbal portrait” of the parents of the chosen one, it will be easier for you to understand how to communicate with them.

  1. Make a list of “stop topics” with the girl

To minimize the risk of an awkward situation or even open conflict with the girl’s parents, discuss with your friend beforehand what topics to avoid in the presence of her father and mother. Politics, religion, sexuality, different types of addictions – this is the beginning of the list of things to refrain from during the conversation.

The sequel can be completely unexpected and entirely depend on individual views, as well as stories from the lives of those people with whom you have to communicate. For example, the loss of the girl’s dad’s favorite team or the illness of one of the family members.

  1. Think about a gift

Do I need to make a gift when meeting the girl’s parents? It’s up to you to decide, but I advise you not to go to them empty-handed, especially if you are invited to a tea party or a feast. You shouldn’t buy something expensive or too original. Stick to the classics: give the girl’s mom flowers, bring a bottle of good wine, a basket of fruits or a cake.

  1. Think carefully about your bow

The clothes you wear when you go to meet a girl’s parents play a rather important role. No need to wear anything fussy or too formal (unless the situation requires strict adherence to the dress code).

However, dressing too casually is also not worth it. Stick to the middle ground and choose something neutral, making sure that every piece of wardrobe is clean, whole and well ironed.

  1. Be natural and honest

I understand your desire to present yourself in front of your friend’s parents in a favorable light, but you should not pose as Mister Perfect if you are not.

Any unnatural behavior, as well as a lie, is not difficult to calculate (especially for experienced people), therefore, trying to make a good impression on the girl’s dad and mom, you risk achieving the opposite effect if you start lying and showing off.

Be yourself and answer truthfully the questions that are asked of you. And instead of being cunning, try to change the subject or be laconic when it comes to something that you would not like to discuss.

  1. Do not forget about the rules of etiquette

“Being yourself” does not mean being unbridled. Even if your secular manners leave much to be desired, remember the elementary rules of decency: do not forget to thank if you are offered something, do not point your finger at objects and try to eat neatly and silently.

  1. Compliment

I will never tire of repeating this simple truth: you can and should give compliments not only to the girls you like, but also to everyone around you. You just need to remember that praise for anything should be sincere and appropriate.

Is it worth mentioning aloud the slim figure of the girl’s mother? Definitely not. The food she had prepared, if it really tasted good, was another matter. You can also say kind words about some element of the decor, especially if it was made by hand or concerns a hobby of one of the parents.

  1. Remember the limits of decency

This should be obvious, but we still remind you, just in case, that when meeting the girl’s parents, you should refrain from violent expressions of feelings for their daughter.

Passionate kisses, warm hugs and touches on her thighs, I strongly recommend postponing until the moment when you are alone with her.

  1. Don’t argue with her family

Alas, the first meeting with a girl’s family can not always go like clockwork, even if you try. There is always a risk that her mom or dad will voice a point of view with which you strongly disagree. How to behave in such a situation?

You do not need to deviate from your principles, just to please the girl’s relatives, but you also cannot try to prove them wrong. Politely and succinctly say that you disagree with them on this issue, and then change the subject. Or, if possible, just shut up.

  1. Don’t drink too much

It is possible that in connection with your acquaintance, your friends will decide to organize a feast. And at some point, the girl’s father or mother may offer you a drink. If you do not drink alcohol at all, there is no need to make exceptions for this case, especially if you cannot drink alcohol for health reasons or need to drive that day.

However, if you agree, then be sure to remember the measure and try not to get drunk. Having drunk, you will certainly make a less pleasant impression than if you refuse another drink you drink.

Plus, in this state, you can feel bad or say too much. Therefore, keep track of the amount you drink.

  1. Don’t try to ask her family about her girlfriend’s exes

Seriously, just not. This open invasion of the personal space of your chosen one will make an ugly impression.

What was in the past should remain there, and if a friend herself does not want to share her previous experience, you should respect her decision. Finding out any details through third parties is unacceptable.

  1. Calculate the time of your first visit

For your first acquaintance to be pleasant and not tiring, it is important that it does not drag on. Of course, if the four of you are interested, you do not need to interrupt the conversation mid-sentence.

But when you feel that the meeting is coming to a logical end, do not wait for the hosts to start hinting that it is time to leave. Say goodbye politely and, if all goes well, make an appointment again.

By Cindy
August 30, 2020

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