The UN fears the starvation of ‘biblical scale’ due to coronavirus

The head of World Food Program (WFP) David Beasley believes that the risk of starvation due to the pandemic may reach the ‘biblical scale’. He said that the organization will need almost $5 billion in the next half of the year for the implementation of humanitarian help.

‘All data that we have, including the forecast of increase starving people by 80%, from $140 billion before the pandemic to $270 billion by the end of the year, mean the real disaster. We face the risk of the starvation of biblical scale’, said Beasley.

The number of suffering from the starvation people in Latin America will increase by 269%.  In East and Central Asia, the situation is dramatic too – the increase will be by 135%, and in South Africa – by 90%. “the starvation in the world is already at high level, and if we do nothing now, a lot of people will die, children will be suffering from the complications caused by the starvation for many years, and all world will make the step back, losing all the achievements in the fighting against starvation. The price of inaction will be extremely high, so we have to act quickly and wisely”, he claimed.

By Cindy
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August 29, 2020

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