Imagine that you are walking a neighbor’s cat (why not?) And suddenly you see a cosmically attractive person who, gracefully shaking her hips, hurries about her business.

Joy overwhelms you! Still, not every day you meet the object of your wildest fantasies. The first thought: “Wow, we need to get acquainted!” But immediately followed by a second: “How?”

Many men at this moment turn into first graders whose knees tremble before going to the blackboard. From these thoughts alone, the hair stands on end.

But if you still found the courage to head in the direction of the girl, it definitely does not hurt you to know what in no case should you do when you meet. Unless your goal is to fail it…

  1. Look away

If a pretty girl is looking at you, then you should pretend that you accidentally met her gaze and wanted to look at that tree. It’s so unusual, with green leaves, and indeed much more interesting than her. By this you show your shyness and with a probability of 97% the girl will lose all interest in you.

  1. Come after you sing your favorite song to yourself

Psychologists note the high ability of girls to evaluate guys by their behavior. And if you stand for 5 minutes and look in her direction, then you are clearly trying to overcome your fear, shyness and other complexes. The likelihood of a refusal in an acquaintance will simply go off scale.

  1. Try to come up unexpectedly from behind

The girl is very nervous and frightened. Considering that you’re a stranger to her and she has no idea what’s on your mind. This is how we are made. But who said that it should be easy for her to meet you?

  1. Use time-tested methods

What could be better than the phrase: “How to get to the library?” After all, it was tested by your great-great-grandfather. Anyway, there were libraries in ancient Egypt, and the girls in the pictures are beautiful there. In addition, with this phrase, most likely, your object of attention has been approached more than once, that is, at least you will not surprise her with your originality.

  1. No smiles

We all remember how we were taught in childhood that a smile disposes people to communicate. This also works when meeting people. But a girl is not a pond, and you are not a raccoon. So why strain the muscles of your face? Moreover, what if the girl likes it, she relaxes and you start a conversation? Beware, because then it will no longer be possible to consider the acquaintance a failed one.

  1. Touching, touching and touching again

Many pick-uppers claim that with constant touching, you make it clear that the girl interests you sexually. So why not try to show it from the very first minute? After greeting, pinch her on the side, pull her handbag and playfully hit her shoulder – let her know who the alpha male is!

  1. Ask her to give you a phone number

If, after the previous paragraphs, the girl did not run away from you in horror (which is rather strange), then there is a chance to put a final point on this issue. Ask her for a phone number. If she does not give it, start arguing with her, begging her, giving arguments.

Remember, you have one goal – a phone number. So what if she doesn’t want to give it. You can’t be stopped so easily, be persistent. You will get it eventually, be sure. She will dream to never meet you again. Mission accomplished – you failed acquaintance.

By Cindy
August 28, 2020

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