Scientists told when it is better to get infected with COVID-19

Some scientists note that the virus will become weaker only after 60% of world’s population will be infected. Due to this fact a lot of people believe that everyone has to get infected with coronavirus. But according to American scientists it is better to do it later.

Ancha Baranova from George Mason University said that in some time not only the effective vaccine will appear, but the virus itself will become weaker, so that people will be able to ill with mild form of the disease.

It is widely known that on the onset of the pandemic there are low chances to full and effective recovery. And it is not only due to the absence of the vaccine, but in the lack of knowledge about the new strain.

Today, the situation is getting worse as the new coronavirus strain is spreading throughout the world, which is more infectious and dangerous. The disease is getting milder, so it is better to get infected with the virus later.

There will be more asymptomatic patients and the collective immune system will be able to form. It is important to note that people who was ill with the mild form of the disease, the immune system is more likely to get infected once again.

By Cindy
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August 27, 2020

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