Being able to effectively confess your love is a very important skill that will certainly come in handy more than once.

Attention! These techniques are universal and will come in handy in any situation. And if the girl with whom you are in love, while only guessing about your feelings, and if you want to remind of your love to the one with whom you have been for a long time and for a long time.

Why you should declare your love

Some seriously believe that a man should not confess his love, for example, because romance is not a “man’s” business, or because the leader in a relationship is the one who values ​​them less. So if you have butterflies in your belly, you need to crush them, or at least carefully hide them. So, this article is for those who are not crammed with such clichés.

Hiding your feelings can be really exhausting, so recognition serves as a kind of liberation, which is much more important to the person himself than to the object of his love. Think in advance what words you want to explain to her. Do not forget to mark the features that you like about it and choose one of the five options.

  1. Flight in a hot air balloon

Such a flight will become one of the brightest of your joint adventures, regardless of the outcome of your confession. Firstly, this is extreme: both will develop adrenaline and want to hold on not only to the basket, but also to each other. Secondly, when the fear subsides a little, you can enjoy the views and the knowledge that you are slowly floating through the air. By the way, do not forget that in addition to you, there will be one more person in the basket who controls the balloon. So choose this option only if you are not afraid to confess your love in public.

  1. Dinner from the chef

The chef is, of course, you. Go to one-time cooking courses (yes, there are such courses) and learn how to cook some stunning unusual dish, which will later become your “signature”.

Invite the girl for lunch or dinner (or even breakfast) to your home. A well-fed girl is kinder and easier to make contact. Delicious food will dispose her to communication, and at this moment you will open your feelings to her.

  1. Send a message into space (and hope that aliens hear it)

Everything was sent into space: from plants, microcircuits and household appliances to living people. But until recently it was impossible to send feelings there.

However, there is an unparalleled service that allows everyone to send love messages into outer space.

The principle of the service is that with the help of a powerful radio antenna, a message, recoded into a special format, is sent into space at a speed of 300,000 km / sec. Approximately 1 hour 11 minutes 6 seconds after sending, it approaches the planet Saturn, after 18 hours it leaves the solar system, and after 4.5 years it will be near the nearest star – Proxima Centauri. You can track his movement online or through special notifications.

To send a signal, just go to the site, record an audio recognition no more than 5 seconds long and press “send”, indicating the email address (for example, your girlfriend) so that she can see the movement of the message in space.

The probability that the message will be heard by someone is very small, but it is. This is truly one of the most unusual ways to declare your love.

  1. Painting in the style of abstract art

In order to impress someone, you need to show that you can go beyond the usual and do unusual things for yourself. It can be anything – a cup sculpted on a potter’s wheel from which she will drink coffee in the morning, embroidery with a crooked heart, a song recorded on a disc, a chocolate cake you baked.

I propose to go to a few lessons in a real art studio and paint an oil painting for her in the style of abstract art. By choosing the colors that your heart tells you, you can encode your feelings for her in the movements of the brush. Present the girl with a picture in a frame, and hide a note with a transcript of your message behind.

  1. Quest with an unexpected ending

There is nothing unusual and suspicious about going on a quest on the weekend, now many people do it. But no one realizes that you can agree in advance with the organizers so that at the end your girlfriend finds a secret note or a sealed envelope with a letter from you.

Of course, you can try to make your own quest – there are many tips on this on the Internet, but it will take a lot more effort, and the result can be completely unpredictable.

However, the game is always worth the candle. Don’t be afraid to confess your love in an original way. Surprise, be unusual – and everything will work out.

By Cindy
August 26, 2020

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