“Batwoman” from Wuhan tells what awaits humanity after coronavirus

Pandemics on our planet will not end only with coronavirus. This was reported by the famous researcher Shi Zhengli. The coronavirus is to some extent only the tip of a huge iceberg, so it is better for humanity to start preparing for a terrifying future right now. In the media, the researcher is called the “bat woman” and it is not for nothing that she received such a nickname.

Shi Zhengli shared in her interview how dangerous the new viruses are. It is worth noting that the researcher received her nickname for the fact that she has been working with bats for a long time. And she is confident that the culprit of the coronavirus is just the beginning.

If humanity wants to avoid a huge number of pandemics in the future, it is now worthwhile to study the virus that can live in wild animals. This will allow you to prepare at least a little for what awaits humanity in the future. Scientists, not to mention ordinary people, often do not pay attention to how many dangerous diseases can actually be hidden in nature.

At the same time, it is very important that specialists work together and share the results obtained. But many projects with foreigners are currently closed due to political differences. As a result, this can be extremely negative for all countries.

Shi Zhengli, together with his teams, have been studying various variants of SARS viruses for more than 15 years, one of which caused a pandemic. Other dangerous diseases can soon cause the death of a huge number of people, because today they have mutated so much that they can easily be transmitted from animals to humans. Not only bats can be dangerous, but also rodents that live in every city and in every country.

By Cindy
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August 26, 2020

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