Are you dating a girl and for some reason understand that not everything is as smooth as you would like?

It’s time to study this list.

You are constantly criticized

Everyone has the right to come on a date with tousled hair or allow themselves to seriously speculate about politics without being criticized by their partner. The person who wants to control you in everything is most likely the wrong candidate. This indicates his unwillingness to accept you for who you really are.

If you notice this sign in your other half, run.

She doesn’t listen to you and are not interested in your business

Conversations between two lovers are very important for a strong and lasting relationship. The simplest conversations about your favorite dish or reasoning about the meaning of life – all this helps to strengthen the love union. So, you will not only learn some facts about each other, but also deeply penetrate all the facets of your partner’s mental organization.

In the event that the person next to you turns the dialogue into a monologue, is not at all interested in your opinion, mood and affairs at work – this is another important signal to retreat.

You are not introduced to friends and family

Of course, on the first date, hardly anyone will invite you to meet all the family members. But if the relationship already has some kind of history, and your partner has not yet called you to dinner with your parents or to parties with friends, then you have another alarm signal.

Take a closer look at whether your other half is serious about you, and whether you are ready to continue this relationship.

You are opposites

The well-known phrase “opposites attract” is most likely one big myth. If you do not have points of contact and common interests, this is definitely a wake-up call.

Your partner is incapable of compromising

The key to a strong and happy relationship is the ability to calmly negotiate, make compromises, and also openly and honestly comprehend what happened, admitting your mistakes.

Your partner is dissatisfied with himself and transfers this feeling to you.

It is important to understand that none of us are perfect, and each has its own flaws. Interaction with that partner who does not understand this becomes a big problem and uses you as a means of replenishing his suffering self-esteem.

For a healthy relationship, you must complement each other and motivate each other for new achievements and positive changes. A person should not enter into a loving relationship in the hope that his partner will become a good tool for fueling the ego.

Your partner is jealous when things are going well for you.

A partner who does this is the most insecure person. If he is trying to minimize your success or is acting resentful, passive-aggressive, jealous, or gloomy, then you should think carefully. A loving person should be sincerely glad of your successes, and not be irritated and suffer.

By Cindy
August 25, 2020

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