Relations with the opposite sex are difficult to compare with hunting: after all, a girl, unlike a hare or a roe deer, is not enough to “catch”. It also needs to be held.

The most offensive thing is that even if you found the right words when you met, you have successfully passed the candy-flower period and seem to suit her in everything, this is not a guarantee of your “happily ever after”.

What could go wrong? In fact, whatever. I have come up with some “bad advice” for you that will destroy even the most enjoyable relationship. Hope you don’t follow them.

Be a man!

As you know, women love real men. If you believe the stereotypes, these characters are earners, reliable walls, heroes without fear and reproach, and also solvers of all problems that arise. But it’s hard to be that way.

It’s easier to try on other peasant privileges. Stop controlling your physiological “indecent” processes, do not be shy in expressions (swearing is cool), push forward your complete freedom, to which you have the right as a male, and spice it all up with rantings about the superiority of men over women. Fine! Now she will have no doubts about your masculinity!

Show how dear she is

Women love attention and care. This means that it is important for them that you constantly demonstrate that she means a lot to you. How to do it? Don’t let her go anywhere to have fun – even to yoga, even with her friends. After all, there is probably a nice coach waiting for her, who sleeps and sees how to seduce her.

By the way, what does she do at work? To make sure that it is definitely not an office romance, call her more often during the day, suddenly come at lunchtime. And in the evenings, arrange preventive scenes of jealousy so that your beloved is convinced of your feelings.

Compare her to others

Like men, women are afraid of competition. Help her calm down on this score. To do this, do not forget to periodically compare her with your exes on different key parameters.

If she loses to them in something, do not forget to inform about it. Let him improve. Have you been together for a long time? Then take a “test drive” of her friends and proudly inform your beloved that they were not as interesting as she is.

Be economical

Flowers, gifts and romantic dining are relics of the past. Be as economical as possible: women like these. Since your chosen one has already received the main gift (you), it will be fair if it is she who will pay for your joint entertainment.

If you do decide to pamper her, then try to choose the most profitable option. And when presenting, be sure to mention how much you managed to save on it.

Make her better

Your girlfriend should be the best, and if she is not yet, then this urgently needs to be corrected. Tell her what clothes and hairstyle should be worn, where to remove extra pounds, and where to add.

Such attention will certainly flatter the girl, especially if you formulate your wishes about what she needs to change in herself in the form of a list. The more points it contains, the better.

Make her feel important

Every woman is a natural mistress. Be generous – let her fulfill her natural potential. Ask her to wash your socks / do the dishes / paint the ceiling. You will see: she will be happy to help you!

Do they all dream of a special relationship of trust? Fine! Feel free to tell her about all your problems: work, financial and health-related. Let her be your savior. Ask her for a loan – this will definitely take your relationship to a new level!

By Cindy
August 23, 2020

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