Did you wait for rain because it hides tears? You ask Google what to do if a girl leaves? Then I am in a hurry to help you.

If you diligently followed the advice on how to get rid of a girl, or you are just Aries, and she is Aquarius, then the result is clear to me. Whatever the reason for your separation, if you are not the initiator of this, then immediately after there is a predictable desire to return your beloved, no matter what.

And if the option “let go, calm down and move on” seems completely unacceptable to you, then please, here are eight more.

I warn you right away: they are very harmful and absolutely do not work!

  1. Press on pity

Girls are very sensitive, and this should be used. Melt her icy heart with your requests / appeals / entreaties and heartbreaking revelations, moving exponentially.

As a murderous means, resort to blackmail. “If you don’t come back, then I …” – and insert the most effective. Anything but leave you alone.

  1. Give her such a bear. Two.

Or maybe she left because you didn’t like her? Just a little bit, four hundred grams. Well, then it’s time to compensate for your inattention.

It is best to make sweeping gestures according to a long-existing list tested by generations: a million roses, a teddy bear in half a room and an iPhone of the latest model (just in case, a fake is better).

  1. Fall into melancholy. Like in a movie

Surely you have at least once seen a film in which the main character yearned for his beloved, so, of course, you already know how to do it correctly.

Stop shaving, even better wash. So that no one doubts the scale of the disaster, stop meeting friends and quit your job. Tested on the example of thousands of romantic melodramas – by the thirtieth or fortieth minute, your life should suddenly begin to change for the better.

  1. Contact a support group

“He’s so good, and your clock is ticking” – this magic phrase can of course convince any girl, especially if she is first uttered by her mother, then her friend, and then all your friends.

Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for help in returning your beloved to your friends and relatives. Firstly, it is always more visible from the outside, and secondly, your arguments have already been exhausted in the first paragraph, and thirdly, it will definitely not withstand such pressure.

  1. Prove to her that she is wrong

If the first part of my great girlfriend dumping techniques don’t work, it’s time to move on to more drastic remedies.

Turn on the man – be strong, tough, rude. Scare her with loneliness and cats, explain that it was her behavior that led to the breakup, and, without stint in expressions, take your soul away. You can think that you have successfully completed the task if she cries.

  1. Find another. Fast!

Jealousy – in women, as you know, it can be as great as in men. Take advantage of this! Without wasting time, find your beloved the most effective replacement and post joint photos on the social network.

In case she unsubscribed from you, bombard her with personal messages. You will see: the instinct to eliminate the rival will make her return to you.

  1. Use voodoo magic

By entering the query “How to get a girl back”, you will receive a hundred offers to receive for an inexpensive working model of behavior from well-deserved returning agents or a magic powder that must be mixed into food / drink or administered intravenously.

I consider this method the most reliable and effective, because, unlike introspection and painstaking work on relationships, magic and expert formulas require minimal labor. True, you will have to pay, but I hope that you still have money left after buying gifts for reconciliation.

  1. Go to the monastery

She’s stupid. Like all women. And you are a failure – not worthy of her. And this is not the first time, and always so. Start a new relationship – so it ends up the same again.

Output? Spit on it all. Instead of working on yourself and trying to understand what exactly you did wrong and what trait of your character prevents you from building a happy relationship from time to time, it is better to start packing and go to the monastery. Female, of course.

By Cindy
August 21, 2020

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