So, you are dating a girl and you begin to understand that it is high time to show her to your friends. First, they gradually cease to believe in its existence.

Secondly, the girl also begins to wonder why you don’t introduce her to everyone. Even if it’s not so dramatic in your case, I have prepared four top tips on how to introduce a girl to friends and not screw up.

  1. Don’t make her an outsider

Her first acquaintance with your company should take place in a light and relaxed atmosphere. You don’t have to bring her to any special meeting that you have with childhood friends every year on the third Saturday in July for the past 15 years. Not. Take a girl to such parties when she already knows the whole company.

Try to make sure that your passion does not seem like an outsider at the first meeting. Start with occasional meetings and casual dating.

  1. Don’t leave her at a party

When you find yourself at a party with 20 of your friends, try not to leave your girlfriend alone. This is not about you following her from room to room, waiting by the closet, and participating in every conversation she has with any of those present at this event.

Just try not to leave her at a party where she only knows a couple of people – you and your strange friend sitting in the corner.

Show attention, ask if she needs something. Ask again, then a third time. Try not to leave her alone with difficult people in your company. For example, a guy who is too intrusive and can talk about his work for two hours.

Remember, you don’t have to hold her hand all the time, but don’t forget that she came with you that evening.

  1. Leave early

Understand, watching your friends play football on a console for three hours is not a very fun experience. Therefore, try to leave the party earlier than you would like it.

The truth is, new people we recently met always take more energy than buddies we don’t have to stand on ceremony with. Therefore, it will be much more difficult for your girlfriend than for you. That’s for sure.

Even if you don’t play computer games, I advise you not to stay at the party until 4 in the morning, remembering with your friends every epic night of your student years, while your girlfriend sits on the couch and waits for you to leave.

Of course, she could say herself that it was time to leave, but perhaps she just does not want to break your fun and shows concern. Take care of her too. Go away.

  1. Do not treat her differently in the presence of friends

It is completely normal when you communicate with your grandmother a little differently than with your acquaintances. Or you have a different relationship with your colleagues than with your parents. But the way you behave with a girl should not be very different from how you behave with your friends.

If it is not, then something is wrong with your girlfriend, something is wrong with your friends, or something is wrong with you.

You don’t need to bring your partner to the company and try to impress everyone present by telling obscene stories or something that you were hiding from your girlfriend. It is equally unpleasant for everyone around.

Do not neglect these basic principles, and then the girl will not leave you after the second party.

By Cindy
August 19, 2020

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