Living with a girl can bring a lot of nice bonuses – it’s both fun and enjoyable. However, once you start living together, it becomes more difficult to return to your past life.

Before you have time to look back, your dog will be sleeping at home, a nice coffee maker will be in the kitchen, and maybe a marriage certificate will appear somewhere in your passport. After such a baggage of assets, the thought of parting seems unlikely.

Therefore, in order to avoid mistakes at the very beginning of the journey, I have prepared six vital tips that you need to read before deciding to live with a girl.

  1. Move in for love, not rent

Do I really have to remind you of this? Living together with a girl should not start with the idea that now you will have to pay half the rent, but with a feeling of deep affection and love.

Living in the same house includes not only sex and watching interesting films in the evenings. Living together means being able to make compromises, not paying attention to long hair in the bath and a thousand other little things.

  1. Solve all financial issues at once

Talk about all financial matters before living together. You must distribute your rental budget, groceries, and other expenses fairly. Remember, you don’t have to stick to the 50-50 principle.

Funding for the common household should be commensurate with your salaries. The main thing is that each of you is comfortable, otherwise one will begin to accuse the other of being stingy or, conversely, financial irresponsibility.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary things

When you lived alone, you could afford to store unnecessary magazines, CDs, old clothes, torn panties and other paraphernalia. Now you need to give your girlfriend the opportunity to put her things somewhere, but this is unlikely to be feasible if your closet is full of leaky socks.

Ask yourself the question: “Do I really need this?”, And then start ruthlessly getting rid of all trash. If you don’t want to throw something away, just give it to your buddies. Surely they will be pleased with this unexpected generosity.

Well, if you have a nine-room apartment, then you can not get rid of junk so quickly.

  1. Show understanding for strange collections

If your girlfriend has been collecting books, mugs or miniature superhero figures over the years, show condescension. You will not always agree with her choice, but you need to step over yourself and understand that this is really important for her.

If you still want to talk about it, tell your partner that by getting rid of the old, we are gaining a new one. Or something like that.

  1. Remember: Living together doesn’t mean making love anymore.

Surely you just now thought that this statement is contrary to common sense, because you will constantly sleep naked in the same bed and generally be together all the time. But in reality, being around often does not lead to daily lovemaking. Very soon, each of you will be fighting for your personal space, which will suddenly become too little.

But this is normal, psychologists say that for people who have moved in with each other for the first time, reality almost always does not correspond to expectations. Further – it is easier.

  1. Arguments are not the end

Remember that conflict is an integral part of almost any relationship. The best way to resolve differences is to communicate honestly and positively with each other.

Try to be more understanding and be more open yourself. Well, do not worry about trifles. After all, all you need is her.

By Cindy
August 18, 2020

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