Animals can help people to fight COVID-19

According to experts from the University of Texas Austin, the University of Ghent in Belgium and the National Institutes of Health, llamas can help to neutralize the coronavirus.

It was found out that llamas have unique immune system which can detect any bacteria and viruses. Their body can produce several types of antibodies. More sensible information on this matter will appear in the newest report of scientists.

Experts were able to bind llama antibodies, naming the compound VHH-72Fc. According to the preliminary data, the compound antibodies connect to the coronavirus proteins and then blocks its transmission.

There are no other antibodies against COVID-19, and the first variants of the connection are more experimental. In the nearest future new clinical trials on animals will be held. In case of success, the experts will be looking for the volunteers.

By Cindy
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August 18, 2020

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