Do you remember when you ask her: “What happened?” And she answers you: “No, nothing, everything is fine,” while you are a thousand percent sure that now she is ready to kill you?

Men have many questions for women (as well as vice versa), but to the question “Why do women say that everything is all right when it is not?” I seem to have an answer. Even as many as six!

  1. She was taught to think that she overreacts

“Crazy”, “hysterical”, “abnormal” – many girls had to face this kind of insults addressed to themselves, and sometimes with all three at the same time. However, most of the girls received their labels of “unbalanced” for displaying completely normal reactions to the behavior of guys.

First of all, you need to understand that your girlfriend is not crazy when she asks why you slept at your best friend’s house, and then forgot to tell her about it. Or when she asks you to take your mind off the phone and give her at least a little attention.

The thing is that in popular culture, images of crazy girls are very common, screaming and making scandals for their guys every minute for little things. Now, many girls have a complex – in order not to be like these unpleasant images, they should always be calm, balanced and not be indignant at anything.

So this is often why, in some conflict situations, the question “What happened?” a quite natural answer can be given: “Nothing, everything is fine.”

  1. She has not yet realized how wrong you are.

In a number of cases, the girl may answer that nothing happened, because she has not yet figured out how bad everything is. She wants to first make sure that what you’ve done deserves high-profile trials and broken dishes.

And sometimes, in the course of deep and detailed introspection, she may realize that she is not sad at all because of you.

  1. She just doesn’t have the energy

This is actually the classic reason why a girl is “all right” and nothing happens. Despite the fact that an integral part of a serious relationship is the discussion of the problems that have arisen and their consistent solution, sometimes people simply do not have the energy for this, and they temporarily do not want to discuss the disagreements that have arisen.

Sometimes, when a girl claims that everything is fine, she may hope that the problem will be solved by itself. These conflicts include, for example, an insufficiently well-planned weekend that you spent it not quite the way she wanted. Or not a very good choice of a restaurant that does not serve grilled fish.

At such moments, a girl may understand that the proceedings in this matter are simply not worth the effort. Better to save energy for the next time you put your dirty items somewhere else, not in the laundry basket.

  1. She has already solved the problem on her own.

When a girl many times asks you not to leave dirty laundry anywhere or calls you to help her with cleaning the house before the arrival of guests, while the reaction on your part is zero, she understands that requests are useless. And it is better for her to solve this problem on her own.

At that very moment, she will tell you: “No, nothing, everything is fine,” and you will once again wonder what you did wrong. Try not to lead to this.

  1. You don’t know how to listen to her

This happens when you get bored when she talks about her problems at work. Or when she tries to share with you some other information that is not too interesting for you. After you nevertheless decide at some point to show interest (most likely inappropriately), you will notice the girl’s not too happy face, and the answer will be you know which one.

  1. Everything is really ok

Sometimes it turns out that she is really all right, and you think that something is wrong. Girls love these kinds of expressions of concern, but you shouldn’t pressure her trying to figure out what happened when nothing really happened.

If the first time she said that everything is in order, then you can reformulate the question a little and ask: “You definitely do not want to talk about anything?” When she answers no, then take her word for it and don’t ask such questions again.

By Cindy
August 17, 2020

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