Forget everything you knew before. I’ll show you how to delight a woman, based on scientific facts.

OK, it’s time to say this: not all men are endowed with universally good looks and charisma. But in fact, all this is nonsense, and in order to please women, you do not need to be born to the singing of an angelic choir and have some special seducer genes in your DNA. There are proven ways, based on scientific research, to become more attractive.

  1. Surround yourself with a retinue

When going for a walk or going on a trip, always take a company with you. According to the study, people appear more attractive in group photos than in singles. This is due to the fact that when viewing several faces at the same time, the “unattractive” features of one person “level out” among the others. Check it out.

  1. Buy a dog and walk it (all the time)

Women are three times more likely to give their number to men walking with dogs than to those who are alone. In general, the scheme is as follows: if he is with a dog, then he is kind, sensitive and caring. Cynically, we advise you to hit on all fronts of touching and buy an Akita Inu (that is, “Hachiko”), or a Labrador (that is, “Marley and I”).

  1. Get old

Women really love older men. For some, of course, the closer to the end, the better, but now we are talking about the majority. The study says that if a woman is financially independent, then she is more likely to have an older man who looks good. This is called the George Clooney effect.

  1. Grow a beard

If anything, it will help you grow old. Research has shown that women adore men with facial hair. The reason is that it is associated with brutality, courage and aggression.

  1. Become a volunteer

The logic is this: if you invest in those in need for free, you will be selfless in relationships. Research has shown that women enter into long-term relationships with those who have altruism and a love of benevolence indicated in the questionnaire. In fairness, a woman with such preferences can be clarified whether she is an ardent altruist herself.

  1. Forget about the front camera of your phone

If you have a lot of selfies on your social network page, you can put up with loneliness. Remember, no one likes male selfies unless you are Tom Cruise. Everything is clear here: firstly, this picture is immediately presented, how you were photographed, this is strange, and secondly, the figure is not visible, it is suspicious.

  1. Wear sunglasses

Just do not say that at times you yourself did not think about what is better in them than without. A more romantic argument: sunglasses make people mysterious and therefore attractive. Less romantic argument: they hide the asymmetry of the face and the man becomes more pleasant.

  1. Be proud of yourself

This does not mean that you need to constantly repeat about yourself and break your neck from how high your nose is. It’s just that research has shown that the most attractive facial expression for a woman is pride, and the most repulsive expression is happiness. Depressed, but proud!

By Cindy
August 13, 2020

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