If you want to appear like a first-class lover and not screw up in front of a girl during a kiss, then I’m here. Armed with useful tips.

Unfortunately, many guys still continue to make mistakes, and girls no longer want to see them.

To prevent such an outcome, I have prepared eight major mistakes that will ruin any kiss. Just remember them and don’t make any more mistakes.

  • Too much language

Do not abuse your tongue while kissing a girl. In this case, you need to be delicate and not behave like a happy dog who is happy to see his master.

Leave your ability to use your tongue for other occasions, and a romantic kiss should be different.

  • Too little of the language

And if in the previous paragraph I advised you to use less language, then in this paragraph you should use it more. Or rather, start using it if you only kiss your girlfriend with your lips.

Language gives passion and seriousness to what is happening, and if it is not in the kiss, then it all begins to resemble a harmless peck on the cheek.

  • Open eyes

Open eyes during a kiss not only seem like something like espionage, but also look completely wild. If a girl finds out that you are spying on her, she will consider you insincere and, to put it mildly, eccentric.

In addition, the closed eyes during a kiss have their own scientific explanation. The fact is that at this moment we close our eyes due to the fact that our brain is experiencing serious stress. We can’t simultaneously process the visual information and the most sensual tactile sensations.

  • Bad breath

I’m sure you can understand that, but I can’t help mentioning this unfortunate fact. An unpleasant smell really discourages the desire to kiss. Even rapid and diligent movements of the tongue do not cause such rejection as this.

To prevent unpleasant odors, you should carefully brush your teeth and tongue, chew gum, do not eat onions and garlic the day before a date, and do not smoke immediately before meeting a girl.

There are also refreshing mouth sprays and special mouthwashes that work up to 24 hours a day.

  • Chapped lips

Maybe in movies it looks passionate and attractive, but in reality, chapped lips are not the most pleasant thing that you can flaunt during a kiss.

First, cracked lips can scratch your partner and cause unpleasant sensations, and second, no one wants to drink your blood. Unless your girlfriend is Bloodrain, of course.

Lips dry and flake literally from everything: from the sun, salty sea water, spicy and highly salty food, strong wind and cold. And if you constantly lick them — it will only get worse. There is nothing wrong with using lip balm. By the way, many brands have special “men’s” options without gloss.

  • Holding your breath

“Breathe, man, breathe!” – it is possible that these are the words you may encounter when you Wake up on the ground in the arms of your girlfriend. Do not forget about breathing when you kiss, because loss of consciousness is not only harmful to health, but also inconvenient for others who do not want to pump you out.

If you are worried that your breath is not fresh enough and can scare the girl, go up to the point above, it says how to deal with it.

  • No hands

If you think that one of your kisses will be enough, then you are mistaken. Tactile sensations can be enhanced at times if you add your hands to all this.

Take her by the shoulders, put your arm around her waist, touch her hair, that sort of thing. We could, of course, give a few more examples of how to use your hands, but we think you can guess.

  • Lip bites

If you think that biting your lips is what your partner is missing, then it’s unlikely. In most cases, it just hurts and does not bring any pleasure.

Ask your girlfriend to bite your lips, then analyze the experience and try to understand whether it is pleasant?

By Cindy
August 10, 2020

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