Scientists started trials of another COVID-19 vaccine

Scientists at Imperial College London announced mass experimental vaccination with the drug that had passed all preclinical trials. Now, 300 volunteers will get the vaccine.

It is reported that in previous studies, the drug didn’t show any dangerous complications and side effects, but still it is too early to talk about full safety of the vaccine.

Now, 300 volunteers, including those who are over 75 years old, will get minimal doses of the vaccine.

The preliminary results show that the vaccine is well tolerated without any side effects. The next stage of trials will take place in the end of October 2020. The participation of 1000 people is planned for this stage.

It is worth to note that the scientists mean minimal doses of the vaccine, which will be gradually increased. Recall that now about 20 vaccines are undergoing clinical trials. Most of them were created by specialists from the USA and China.

By Cindy
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August 9, 2020

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