Today I will tell you how, in times of catastrophic time pressure, maintain an ideal relationship with your girlfriend with just one text message a day.

Have you noticed that we have less and less time left for evening meetings with loved ones, joint lunch breaks and other walks in the parks? At the same time, each of us has a smartphone at hand, which allows us to be in touch every second.

Get rid of templates

And, by the way, this is quite enough not to seem to your girlfriend a callous egoist!

Ideally, the message should not contain information about your routine plans and specific actions. For example: “What do you want for dinner today?” Is a good option, but only if you don’t ask her about it every day. And the formulaic “Good morning” will not make the proper impression.

Remember the old story

Even if you’ve just started dating, you probably already have memories that only concern you two. It might be a ridiculous story from the past that happened before you met. For example, when you were walking in the park late at night, and you had to run away from stray dogs, in the hope of not being bitten.

These are the points of contact that will help you overcome the awkwardness and embarrassment that arise at the very beginning of a relationship.

Don’t be afraid to be a friend

Girls want the guy to be more open and sociable with them, as with his friends. Do not be afraid to seem intrusive to her, write often (but still do not overload her phone with every minute notifications).

If it so happened that you did not communicate for a couple of days, an unexpected text message from you will be perceived by her as a pleasant surprise. If you can’t think of anything but “How was your day?” – just go online. So many things happen in a day (not even necessarily funny). Just share it with her, make a joke or seriously ask her opinion.

Dedicate her to your affairs

Whatever your message, it always tells your girlfriend, “Hey, I’m thinking about you.” So you don’t have to try to sound overly witty by sitting for hours over a message that should interest her.

Just tell her about the funny dog ​​you saw today. Or retell a weird dream, even if you steal her car in it. Any story you tell seems to say: “Listen, I live here, join me.”

Remember, you don’t always have to be funny. It is important to make it clear to your girlfriend that you want to devote her to your affairs, no matter how boring they may be (just don’t overwork her).

Good luck!

By Cindy
August 9, 2020

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