Women are different, and each one needs its own, special approach. So if you want to please a girl from a strict family, you need to know which strategy to choose.

You and I both understand that conquering one is like defeating a boss in a computer game. The task is both difficult and interesting. It’s not impossible.

Therefore, let’s remember all the stereotypes that exist in this regard and develop a tactic of ideal behavior in this situation. This question is also in the top of the most popular queries, by the way.

  1. She likes you? Make her parents like you!

And the first thing we will start with is that the question is posed incorrectly. First of all, you should not like her, but her parents. Because underestimating them would be a fatal mistake on your part.

The main point is that your acquaintance, most likely, will begin long before you see each other live. Before this iconic meeting, she will probably tell them a little about you (perhaps not even of her own free will).

Therefore, make sure that your orientation is not in the police, find a “normal” or well-paid job, buy a bouquet for mom and put on ordinary classic trousers for dad (he will not survive jeans inside out or a benchmark outfit) and only then go get acquainted. And do not underestimate this moment – otherwise it will be the last in your relationship with this girl.

  1. Be a “nice guy”

Ideally, you should love to read, be able to play the piano or do ballet – these guys seem to be the safest girls. But even if you don’t have the complete works of Jack London at home, there is still a chance.

In conversations with your “lady of the heart” (let me call her that), you do not need to mention stories that begin with the phrase “we got so drunk / got so high that …”, and you should not discuss your favorite lubricants either.

  1. Call for tea? Boil water …

So, although they didn’t write anything about these girls in the Big Explanatory Dictionary, our instinct tells us that we shouldn’t rush with them. You already know that ordinary girls are skeptical about many tackles, and this is doubly so.

Therefore, if you first called her for tea, then be kind – make sure that she can choose: black, green, red, mint or with chamomile. Watch movie? So right up to the credits.

And if the first time everything went well, then the second time you can try to hint at her (unless, of course, she does it earlier). Otherwise, not only will you fly by, but you will significantly complicate life for all the following guys of this girl. But are you for male solidarity?

  1. Blow dust off the correct templates

Ask any girl at any time and they will start proving how tired of templates and love originality. Try to give one of them a star and do it cool, and they will forget about their answer for statistics.

Is she really special – the one from the strict family? And are you ready to strain a little? Then remember what girls like, and it doesn’t have to be flowers, boxed candies, and scary huge bears.

Learn the shortest verse of the very poet whom she once posted on her page, give her not an iPhone, but an adornment with a stone that matches the color of her eyes. It’s autumn already – take an interest while walking, if she is cold, and cover it with your jacket.

A small note – these tips will work not only for this category of women, but for many others.

By Cindy
August 8, 2020

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