Scientists created new vaccine based on the weakened coronavirus

Scientists from South Korea created new vaccine on the basis of weakened strain of SARS-CoV-2. It was successfully tested on the mice with human gene ACE2.

By gradually adapting the coronavirus to life in cells at low temperatures, scientists created a weakened version of it. Also, they reduced the optimal temperature for the life of the pathogen from 37 to 22 ° C.

During the development, the virus mutated 37 times, adapted to low temperatures and also lost the ability to multiply in normal conditions. Thus, the immune system was able to detect the infection and fight it by introducing a many inactivated viral particles into the nasal mucosa.

The tests showed that the weakened form of the virus didn’t infect mice with coronavirus. But it protected them from further infection with full-fledged forms of coronavirus, forcing the immune system to produce antibodies. In the nearest future the scientists plan to conduct the same study on larger animals, and are also preparing for experiments on humans.

By Cindy
August 7, 2020

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