There are always problems with how to start something and how to finish something.

How wonderful it is when the first date goes as it should, and the aftertaste pleases then, not just for several days and weeks, but for many years. As expected, more often the opposite happens, and the date smacks of failure from the very beginning: well, it so happened that you do not fit together, and expectations were not met. And while it just smells like it is not scary, and when it needs to be completed somehow, then this is a task of an increased level of complexity.

Most do not know how to do it right, and I came to the rescue.

  1. Don’t lie

Lying is the most common behavior tactic, both for men and women. It’s not known exactly what it’s connected with, whether it’s good breeding or vice versa, but no matter how the date goes, the person still says “we will contact” or “see you later”. Not a single girl after this phrase will think that this is not true, they will all be waiting for a new meeting. Do you need it?

Therefore, the best thing is sincerity. There is nothing terrible in the fact that at the end of a date (if you are sure that it was a failure, and you do not fit each other), say “Look, let’s not promise each other anything now. It seemed to me that our date was unsuccessful, we are absolutely not suitable for each other. And I don’t think we should meet a second time. ” This, of course, is not very humane, but still more humane than giving hope.

  1. Be polite

I said above that it is better to tell the truth than to make promises. So, this does not always work, but only in those cases when you feel mutual awkwardness.

If you see that the girl is imbued with you and says “I loved how we spent the time. Will we meet again? ”, Saying“ It seemed to me that our date was unsuccessful ”is simply unacceptable. Just say you had a good time, too, and send a gentle message the next day stating that despite this, you are not looking forward to a second meeting. And apologize. And tell me that you are all so complicated.

  1. Don’t hesitate

If you see that the date is already on the trajectory of failure, then you shouldn’t stretch it. What for?

Don’t offer dinner after drinks, don’t talk about movies after dinner, and don’t mention dessert. All of this is unnecessary, these are all signals that you want to spend more time. And you just want to retreat faster.

And you shouldn’t run to the toilet, look at the clock, spend all the time on the phone, just say that you are in a hurry, you need to go, but you had a great time. And no goodbye kiss, just a hug, amen.

  1. No walk

If you propose to take a walk “out of pity” so as not to hurt the heart in love (and everything is in this cute spirit), then in fact, in her head, you are proposing to spend her whole life together and have five children. Again, think about it: do you need it?

The same is about the “ride home”. With this proposal, you have already, consider, settled in her house, married and lived for 80 years.

By Cindy
August 7, 2020

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