Specialists called another COVID-19 symptom

Doctors from all over the world tell about the common symptom in many infected people. The toes start to redden and then become inflamed. But the reason is still unknown. The experts advice those who noted this symptom to get tested for coronavirus immediately.

Last week dermatologists started to study the influence of coronavirus on skin. In just half a day, doctors from different parts of the world received reports that many patients have swollen and red toes.  They seem to be frostbitten.

Scientists believe that the reason is that coronavirus causes body inflammation or damages blood vessels. Another possible version is that the virus can lead to the accumulation of blood clots in the capillaries located in the legs. It is worth to note that this is most often observed in younger patients who do not have any serious health problems.

By Cindy
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August 6, 2020

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