You’re ready to start dating her, but she doesn’t want to. At the same time, your chosen one does not say a firm “no” either. The situation is not pleasant, but not hopeless either.

How to behave, and is the game worth the candle? Understanding women is not always easy, but we will try.

  1. Why does a girl say she doesn’t want a relationship?

First, let’s figure out what the reason is. Perhaps she:

  • recently I broke up with boyfriend;
  • afraid that the new romance will end as badly as the previous one;
  • decided to concentrate on study / work, and the relationship, in her opinion, will only hinder this;
  • not interested in relationships with men.

The good news: none of these reasons (except perhaps the last one) is 100% guarantee that you cannot have “happily ever after” with her. Because there is always a chance that she will change her mind.

  1. How to understand that nothing shines for you?

Another option: the girl is ready for a romantic relationship, but not with you. When would it be a waste of time trying to build a serious relationship with her? Focus on one of the following signs:

  • she almost always answers your messages in monosyllables;
  • refuses to meet over and over again;
  • or she sometimes needs something from you (give a lift, pick up, borrow, help).

If any of this is about you with her, then it seems that the girl either avoids you, or considers you a good friend whom you can rely on, but, in both cases, does not want intimacy. One way or another, if you are not ready for friendship with her, you should stop communicating and look for one that will reciprocate sympathy. You are cool, do not even doubt that there is one.

  1. Why does the girl not want to date, but communicates with you?

If you are in active correspondence with her, walk, go to the movies and in general you feel good together. “She likes me, but she is not ready to consider me her boyfriend” – if your question sounds like this, then perhaps the girl:

  • knows you not long enough (everyone has their own pace of convergence);
  • thinks that your intentions towards her are not serious;
  • sees you have a flaw that she strongly dislikes (bad habits, lack of work, signs of possessiveness and jealousy, or something else);
  • feels sympathy for someone else, and you are a friend for her, with whom she just feels very good.

Each of these reasons suggests that the girl hesitates – you have interested her, but not yet enough to fall into your arms without hesitation. And if you want to try to win her heart, then move on to the next item.

  1. Transition from the friend zone to the relationship: myth or reality?

Sad legends are made up of guys who spend eternity in the friend zone, hoping for more and as a result receive an invitation to a wedding as a guest. But there are also a lot of stories about how a friend turns into a boyfriend.

I cannot say with certainty which scenario your relationship will develop. But I can give you some tips on how to increase your chances of an outcome that interests you.

How to get a girl who doesn’t want a relationship: step by step instructions

  • Be near

If a representative of the fair sex is happy to communicate with you, this is a very good sign: she is interested in you. Show that you are not indifferent to her too: show interest in events in her life and hobbies. She will appreciate it, and sooner or later she will begin to treat you with warmth. And then she can change her mind.

  • Try to conquer her

Friendzone is not for you? Then don’t act like a friend and openly confess your feelings. And start courting her. To give compliments, to show attention, to do romantic things … Yes, modern ladies want equality, but this does not mean that the initiative on the part of a man is no longer of interest to them.

  • Change tactics

Your sincere impulses crashed against the wall of indifference? When someone gets used to constant attention, the sudden chill is at least hurtful. As a maximum, it will act as a catalyst, thanks to which this person wants not only to return “everything as it was”, but to move to a new level of relations.

Rule of four “NOT”

As useful and helpful as my advice is, it doesn’t guarantee that a girl will agree to date you. But there are four almost one hundred percent ways (harmful, of course) to bury the possibility of a relationship:

  • Rush things

Do you want to call her yours right now and it is desirable to immediately take her to you for tea? By stating this “from the doorway”, you can, of course, get a positive answer and win your heart, but still, most of this behavior is repulsive.

  • Give ultimatums

Blackmail is a dirty tactic, especially in romantic relationships. Have you been communicating for a long time, are you tired of waiting and want specifics? Then directly ask her a question about how she treats you, and whether you have a chance to become her boyfriend. But using the words “either / or” is low and almost guaranteed to lead to the choice of the option that you do not like.

  • Go into an open attack

When we talked about “conquest,” I hope you immediately realized that I did NOT mean … tactile action.

Yes, you can try kissing her unexpectedly, hoping that something will break out between you. But keep in mind: this tactic is very risky – you do it too early or unsuccessfully, and you may not be given another attempt.

  • Play on jealousy

Some “experts” advise demonstratively paying attention to other girls, thereby causing a “sense of ownership” in the person you are interested in. I do not agree with them: this way you are more likely to raise doubts about the seriousness of your intentions towards her.

And remember, you may not be sexually attracted to a girl for no reason at all. You can be attractive, interesting, smart, cool, but the same “chemistry” did not happen to you. No need to blame yourself or the girl for this.

And the main thing: friendship between a man and a woman, contrary to the well-known stereotype, exists. Therefore, if it did not work out to be lovers, but you feel good and interesting together, perhaps you should not break this magical connection?

By Cindy
August 5, 2020

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