Scientists found out dangerous immune reaction on COVID-19

The recent study of American scientists showed that coronavirus may provoke excessive immune reaction in the infected one.

Specialists have studied the analyzes of more than 30 infected people. The results showed that the immune system of some patients gave stronger and more aggressive reaction to COVID-19 than to influenza viruses.  In particular, this reaction affected the lungs of the infected people.

“Their lungs were destroyed not only due to the virus, but also to the immune respond”, – says professor of experimental pathology Max Krammel. He believes that the severe pneumonia is explained by the reaction of the immune system.

The scientists hope to find the way to reduce the immune reaction to prevent pneumonia. But it will take a lot to do as if the immune reaction slows down, the immunity won’t be able to cope with the virus.  

By Cindy
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August 3, 2020

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