Just imagine this picture: a stranger comes up to you and says something like: “Hello! My name is (name). I am X years old. I like you and I would like to spend the night with you / start an affair / have five children (optional). “

On the Internet, you can easily make an acquaintance like this, but what about real life? Admit it honestly – will this behavior please you, or rather frighten you?

Since any of the beauties who fell under your charm cannot be sure exactly how you will react, the poor thing she has to send you different “signs” in the hope that you will interpret them correctly.

  1. She looks at you and often

Eye contact is the main signal that a woman sends to a man who is interested in her. Some even master the technique of a complex flirtatious gaze: an object-side-up-object-down. In any case – if you occasionally bump into her eyes, it most likely means something.


You have a funny hairstyle, a T-shirt or a cool backpack that she would like to buy for herself. She can just think deeply and look at one point where you accidentally happened to be. And some girls in love deliberately avoid looking into the eyes of the guy they like, because they are shy.

  1. Smiling is good

The smile on the girl’s face is a kind of invitation to “come and meet me at last”. So if she looked at you and immediately smiled, and did not start crying, this is a good sign, you can become her hero.


She just got a funny meme on her phone, was told a joke, or, looking at you, she remembered something funny. In any case, you should still use a smile to make acquaintance: she is clearly in a good mood, and your presence does not spoil it for her.

  1. The girl asks you for help (or offers her own)

Since the girl is afraid to tell you about her sympathy directly, she may try to establish contact with you in a “roundabout” way. For example, to turn to you with a request or to volunteer to help you, in anything.


Sometimes a girl really cannot cope with something on her own and chose you at random or because she thinks that you can do it (here she is, of course, right). And she may also have a kind heart, and she, seeing your difficulty, hastened to help. So additional data collection is required before any conclusions can be drawn.

  1. She is interested in your hobbies

Hearing about your addictions or reading about them on your page on social networks, the girl suddenly began to show interest in them and demonstrates this: she posts something in a topic on the wall, starts a conversation about it in a personal or when meeting, etc. Hmm … I wonder what attracts her more – you or your hobby?


You have good taste and unusual interests, and you were so passionate about something that she wanted to get to know it. The good news: in any case, joint hobbies will help you start communicating, get to know each other better, and then – according to the circumstances.

  1. Hair, posture … armpits

“Expert” tips for calculating girls in love do not skimp on 30 or even 50 true signs. From the fact that she has to pluck her hair to … showing you her armpits. Well, girls sometimes read these “instructions” too, and some of them follow them.


The girl is as much a living person as you are. She can just fix her hair, her legs can be located in your direction without secret intent, and about a sexual position, she has every right to occupy her without a reason. So I advise you to return to point three and take a closer look at the other signals.

  1. She is happy to talk to you

The girl responds to your messages on the network, keeps up the conversation when meeting, asks how you are doing and talks about her news. I will not even give any “or” here – if you like her, then feel free to show it to her. And how exactly is a completely different story …

By Cindy
July 31, 2020

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