Scientists reported that bald people have higher risks of hospitalization with COVID-19

The group of scientists conducted the study and concluded that baldness in man is connected with higher risks of COVID-19 infection. So, the probability of infection increases in 40%.

In their study, scientists used data from the UK Biobank. They studied the information about 2 thousand man, dividing them into four groups according to the degree of hair loss.

The researchers found out that during the hair loss, the risk of coronavirus is increasing. If in the group of “not bald” was noted 15% of the infected, then in the groups of “slightly bald” and “moderately bald” their part increased up to 17% and 18%, respectively.

American scientists concluded that bald are affected with the other factors, such as age and nationality. Their conclusions are confirmed by the other scientists.

Also, there is a probability of opposite effect when coronavirus provokes hair loss in infected people. Moreover, not only in men, but also in women. Experts associate this phenomenon with the main symptom of infection – a strong increase of body temperature.

By Cindy
July 28, 2020

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