American scientists created COVID-19 detector

The researches created a miniature device that allows to detect coronavirus or traces of antibodies in humans almost immediately.

The detector, consisting of conductors covered with the thinnest layer of gold, reacts to gaseous substances and signals by changing the indicator color.

The artificial intelligence, in its turn, is able to analyze the detector reaction and to identify the substance in blood.

“During the pandemic, the express tests have crucial meaning”, says the author of the research.  “We were able to create the device that is able to detect coronavirus in blood, as well as antibodies after the recovery”.

Technically, it is really simple. To get the results, the detector has to be treated with a solution containing proteins that are specifically connected with the coronavirus. If the patient is infected, the virus is able to change the indicator color, after the contact with the detector surface. Recording this on the phone, the patient gets the result immediately.

By Cindy
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July 28, 2020

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