We continue to understand the solution of complex issues arising in relations between men and women. This time I decided to talk about how to understand that your girlfriend has begun to distance herself from you (not physically, but mentally), as well as what to do with all this.

If you notice that your girlfriend is gradually losing interest in you, you should not jump to conclusions. It is best to discuss this topic with her, while remaining as involved and careful as possible. After all, such a dialogue is the first step towards resolving the problem.

So, here are seven signs that she is really not interested in you.

  1. She stopped asking you questions about the little things.

In healthy relationships, people tend to take an interest in each other’s lives, so even the smallest everyday moments can become a topic of active discussion.

For example, a person who is interested in their partner, knowing that they have a responsible meeting at work, can call after the event to find out how everything went (or inquire about this evening).

If your girlfriend doesn’t even remember about it, she either loses interest in you, or she herself had important things to do and work meetings. Everyone can forget about something, and that’s okay.

  1. She became slower to respond to messages and calls

If you begin to notice that it has become more difficult to reach your girlfriend or receive an answer via the messenger, this may be a sign of her distance.

Most often we do not answer the phone when we do not hear it, we forget to turn on the sound after sleep or important meetings, we cannot come up due to various circumstances (from meetings to the toilet), but if ignoring your calls from some moment has become the norm, it is worth ponder.

  1. She began to ignore your requests for attention

There is nothing wrong with talking to each other periodically about how you see your present and future together. Talk to your girlfriend openly how you would like your relationship to develop. After all, you cannot hope that she will read your mind.

But if you notice that these conversations do not lead to anything, and the girl ignores most of your requests, you should think about it.

If you feel like you have to ask (or even beg) your partner for more attention, chances are they are beginning to lose interest in you. In a healthy relationship, trying to get attention or gain support from your partner is always positive. When relationships get tense, these attempts are ignored or rejected altogether.

  1. You stopped arguing

Of course, I’m not talking about those types of quarrels that end in screams and scandals. These battles are not indicative of a healthy relationship!

I mean those moments when couples argue with each other without screaming and insulting. If your girlfriend no longer wants to discuss controversial aspects of your union, it is quite possible that she no longer wants to invest in this relationship.

Although arguing is not the most productive part of a relationship, it is the energy invested in the union of two people. We fight when we care, when we don’t feel heard and want to be noticed. When a couple stops struggling, it could be a sign of lost interest in the relationship.

  1. You rarely touch each other

In the early stages of relationship development, couples hold hands, hug and have sex all the time. Over time, this intimacy may become less fanatical, and this is completely normal.

However, if kissing, hugging, back massage, or sex is all but disappearing, it can be a serious sign that someone is withdrawing.

  1. She stopped communicating with your friends or family

If your friends and family are important to you, then they should be important to your girlfriend (and vice versa). Of course, she shouldn’t be overjoyed spending the entire weekend visiting your parents. But at least she might be glad to see you happy if that’s what you wanted so badly.

However, if over time your girlfriend has ceased to show interest in your relatives or friends, this may be a sure sign of the already mentioned loss of interest in you.

  1. You no longer feel like a priority for her.

At some point, did your girlfriend start spending all her time and energy on work, a new hobby or friends? This may be the very “bell”, and you have ceased to interest her. But this is not necessarily the case! Perhaps she finally began to think more about herself, her life and self-realization, which is great in itself (and it would be great if you supported her).

But if you feel that you have become the only initiator of your meetings and communication, you should talk with her about this and tell her about the anxiety that has arisen with maximum frankness.

Good luck!

By Cindy
July 27, 2020

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