In any relationship, even the most ideal one, there are times when one of the partners behaves selfishly. In general, this is normal, sometimes even helpful, but when immature self-centered behavior becomes normal, serious problems can arise.

If you rarely wonder what your girlfriend would like (for example, what she would like to do on the weekend), and even during arguments try not to listen to her, it’s time to pay attention to this list of eight signs of selfishness in relationships.

  1. You expect your girlfriend to listen to you, but you never listen to her yourself

One of the main distinguishing features of people in intimate relationships is the ability to listen, understand and support each other in difficult times or just in everyday matters. It is this kind of complicity that can be considered real closeness.

But if you always get bored when your girlfriend starts talking about her problems at work or in relationships with her friends, this is a clear sign that you won’t get any support from you.

It is very selfish in such cases to demand attention from her.

  1. You used to be silent, instead of talking in an adult way

It is self-centered to be silent or make no attempt to talk when you are in pain or angry with your partner. Serious conversations often arise in romantic relationships. You make your partner feel very uncomfortable when you choose to ignore what is happening and not talk about your discomfort.

  1. You insist that your point of view is the only correct one

This is one of the main indicators indicating a high degree of selfishness. If you think your opinion is unconditionally correct, you doom the relationship to failure.

People who don’t listen to their partner’s position are in relationships only to satisfy their own needs. No more.

  1. You often accuse your girlfriend of being selfish

Not expected? Accusations of selfishness can also be a sign of selfishness!

We cannot tolerate qualities of others that we do not like in ourselves. Often when we accuse a partner of being selfish, we mean that they are not in line with our own selfish preferences.

  1. You get angry when she starts making plans where you are not.

In the 21st century, it is high time to understand and accept the fact that the people around you have the right to their own interests, hobbies and personal life. Even if that someone is your girlfriend.

It’s great to have your own interests and find a balance between the time you can devote to the relationship and the time for yourself. Making your partner feel guilty about being separate from you is very selfish.

  1. You are too critical of her friends and family.

Sometimes you can find couples in which one partner refuses to hang out with the other partner’s friends, humiliates them, looks down on them, or in any other way demonstrates his dislike for them. This creates a dangerous imbalance in the relationship with one person becoming the judge of his partner’s entire social circle. In addition, in this state of affairs, he begins to feel his superiority, which definitely betrays an egoist in him.

  1. You don’t pay attention to your girlfriend’s needs.

Unfortunately, there are couples in which one of the participants treats the other with indifference, and sometimes even with disdain for the desires and preferences of the other. In healthy relationships, people usually know what they both like and try to satisfy each other’s needs from time to time to make everyone happy.

Naturally, this is a matter of balance, because we do not live only to please our partner. But this does not mean at all that we need to completely ignore his interests.

  1. When something goes wrong, you threaten to end the relationship, even if you are not going to do it for real

Even in the most ideal relationships, there are times when things go wrong. But this does not mean that at every opportunity you have to blackmail your girlfriend that your relationship will end if everything does not turn out the way you want.

Someone who truly loves their partner must be mature and self-aware so that they don’t threaten to end the relationship every time something goes wrong. You have to understand that this is extremely painful and leads to a loss of trust.

By Cindy
July 26, 2020

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