Does radiation therapy help in COVID-19 pneumonia treatment?

American scientists conducted the study and concluded that radiation therapy in low doses accelerates the recovery of COVID-19 patients.

The study consisted of 10 patients, who went through radiation therapy. Also, scientists gathered a control group who was treated with standard methods.

The scientists suggested that radiation therapy may reduce severe inflammation, connected with COVID-19 and improve treatment results. It turned out that radiation therapy significantly accelerated clinical recovery.

Those who were treated with radiation, recovered after 3 days of treatment, as opposed to 12 days in the control group. The time in hospital was reduced to 12 days, and in control group – 20 days.

Despite positive results, the radiation therapy has its side effects, such as pneumonia, scarring, and a small risk of cancer. Sometimes it takes years to see such side effects.  

By Cindy
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July 25, 2020

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