COVID-19 patients complained of hair loss

COVID-19 patients told how the infected affected their appearance. More and more recovered people complained of severe hair loss, up to boldness.

Thus, 30 years old woman faced this problem one month after the discharge. She said that she started to lose hair more actively than before the illness. As the result, she lost more than the half of all hair. She also highlighted that now she has bald spots and will have to wear a wig.

Doctors suppose hat her body started to block hair follicles to safe some energy for vital body functions. It is important to note that during the illness she was on the verge of death.

Experts say that this is connected with high temperature. So, when the body suffers from the temperature more than 37,5 degrees, the natural growth cycle of hair is disrupted. As the result, the patient begins to lose hair. However, according to doctors, hair loss in this case is temporary.

By Cindy
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July 23, 2020

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