Scientists proved that coronavirus is transmitted by air

American scientists infected lung cells with air particles which were inhaled by the COVID-19 carriers. Thus they proved that aerosol particles from the respiratory system of infected can be involved in coronavirus transmission.

“Our experiments prove that small particles of aerosols, produced by human lungs during breathing, speech or coughing, contain parts of coronavirus.  It means that the preventive measures of coronavirus spreading are crucially important” – scientists say.

Almost from the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of specialists, including WHO, criticized the use of conventional surgical masks to sop the pandemic. Specialists believed that the virus is transmitted mainly by aerosol, so its particles can easily get through the masks.

Later they found out that the simple masks can significantly reduce the speed of COVID-19 transmission. Such results convinced WHO’s experts to make recommendations to use respirators and even homemade masks. By the way, the homemade masks proved they efficiency, especially when two different fabric types are used.

By Cindy
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July 22, 2020

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