McDonald’s has already entered the luxury restaurant category, something new is needed.

I will tell you how to make it pleasant for both the girl and yourself, spend time together, go on an unforgettable date and at the same time spend small amounts. It’s not just possible – sometimes it’s even more interesting.

  1. Explore a new area of ​​the city

Sometimes, we feel so comfortable and familiar in that circle of places, which is limited by home and work, that just a trip to another area will serve as a worthy adventure.

Choose an inexpensive cafe, park or just a street where you have not been or have been for a long time, and do something like an expedition. Exploration mode will bring you closer.

  1. Try to test drive a car you can’t afford to buy

There are no costs, low risk and temporary fulfillment of a big dream. Just having fun and experiencing what you dream of is perfect! Just make sure it’s not just interesting to you.

  1. Make burgers

The main part of a date is atmosphere. Arrange burgers together in your home! Let them burn and turn to ash, let them taste terrible, but you will experience only positive emotions from cooking.

P.S. If your girlfriend doesn’t eat meat, make veggie burgers (there are a lot of recipes).

  1. Watch a movie outdoors

Ticket prices will be the same sane as a regular movie, but how much cooler will you have! This special atmosphere of watching a movie on the big screen in the park is popular with girls – it is more intimate, romantic and unusual atmosphere.

  1. Bicycles and to the park!

At any age, this leisure will be enjoyable. Bicycles are universal, take them and go for a drive around the city at night, as if you are 16. It will be even cooler if the girl does not know how to ride. Teach her!

The same goes for scooters, skateboards, rollers and the like.

  1. Drive out of town

Far from civilization (loudly said, but still) you will be left only to each other. And turn off your phones.

  1. Attention: go to IKEA!

Yes, for a first date, the idea is very strange, so it’s better to do this for those who have been dating for some time. Let’s not hide the fact that a huge number of people visit this store to touch “all sorts of things” and lie on sofas with complex names. So spend this time together!

Plus, at the end you can buy some inexpensive Swedish goodies and continue your date at home.

  1. Attend free days and openings

It often happens that the opening of an exhibition is a chance to visit it for free. Take advantage of this! The main thing is to find out about it in advance and have time to register.

There are also similar days in restaurants and bars when you can order whole sets of dishes for a symbolic amount or with a huge discount.

  1. Will you dance?

Yes, you never danced. Yes, yes, you are not plastic at all, and indeed a very brutal man who chops firewood and hunts for a saber-toothed tiger.

But a dance lesson with your girlfriend can help you get rid of internal prejudices, free and liberate you, and give your girlfriend physical and mental pleasure. Most importantly, it will be something new for both of you to go through together.

  1. Volunteer

This is, of course, an extremely non-trivial way to pass the time, and you both need to be prepared for it. Making sandwiches for the homeless, picking up trash in the park, caring for the elderly, helping an orphanage are all great ways to experience something together while helping those in need.

By Cindy
July 21, 2020

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