Russia finished clinical trails of COVID-19 vaccine

On July 20, the last group of trials participants will be discharged. The group consisted of 20 people.

“The scientists still have a lot to analyze, to write final reports. Also, presentation of results and vaccine registration.  But even now, they can make a conclusion, based on available data, that the participants have got necessary antibodies, and vaccine components are safe to human body”.

The scientists reported that the antibodies, that give the COVID-19 immunity, will persist for long after the injection.

Clinical trials on volunteers started on June 18. The first group consisted of 18 volunteers. The second group got the injection several days after the results of the first trials allowed to continue the study.

At the end of July, all the participants reported on the absence of any side effects, no consequences were detected.

By Cindy
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July 20, 2020

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