Most likely you are not a fearless pikaper who can seduce anyone in 60 seconds, but a simple romantic who urgently needs advice on how to invite a girl on a date.

I understand you perfectly and I want to give you some useful life hacks for different occasions, so that you know how to make appointments in different ways to work colleagues and mysterious strangers on the street.

Common mistakes to avoid

Until we get down to specific ways to ask a girl out on a date, it’s worth mentioning the top five mistakes you should be aware of in order to increase your chances of success.

  1. Don’t ask, but offer

This item should firmly enter your consciousness and become stronger there for the rest of your life. You don’t have to tell her: “Would you like to go somewhere with me next Friday?” Instead, suggest: “Let’s take a walk in the park next Friday.”

The first question will make her wonder if she wants to go somewhere with you. The second sentence sounds more concrete and confident, it is likely to cause less doubt.

  1. Forget the word “date”

It so happened that the word “date” is associated with something involving a romantic atmosphere, and, as a result, creates tension for all participants.

It is best to avoid this formulation and not create any discomfort. Especially if this is your first meeting. If a girl asks you directly: “Are you asking me out on a date?”, Answer her: “No, this is just a business meeting.” Most likely, she will appreciate.

  1. Be specific

I advise you to forget vague constructions, such as: “somehow”, “someday”, “somewhere” and so on. Before you call a girl on a date, throw in your head a few options where you want to go and when. If you already know her preferences, be guided including them.

Say: “Let’s go to the park this Saturday afternoon?” If she replies that she would not like to freeze on the street, offer a cozy cafe where they make excellent coffee.

  1. Do not make her nervous

You should not make the main event of your life out of this meeting, even if it is one. From the outside, it should look as if your meeting with her is an ordinary event that in no way determines your destiny.

If at the first meeting with a girl you behave as if you have been waiting for this from birth, she will feel extremely uncomfortable and you will not be able to communicate easily and naturally.

  1. Do not make grandiose plans for a first date

On the first date, the main goal is to communicate with the girl. You have to interest her and impress her as a nice guy. To do this, it is not necessary to first go to a music concert, then to a restaurant, then to a movie, and then somewhere else.

Let the first meeting be remembered for sweet communication, and not for the most active and eventful day in her life.

Top ways to ask a girl out on a date

So, in the modern world, most people are used to communicating through gadgets and other remote communication methods. After all, it’s much easier to take the first step: there is time to think before answering, you don’t have to look each other in the eyes, and in general you can pretend to be completely different from who you really are (but why?).

But no one canceled the good old communication in real life, when you overcome all your fears, stick your complexes to hell and act like a real hero, inviting her to go for a walk with you. I will tell you how to do this now.

  • If she is your friend

Do you already know the girl you want to call somewhere? Great, then it will be easier for you to approach her. Surely, if you think about it, you can roughly imagine what she is fond of and how she likes to spend time.

When you come up with a suitable option, you can come up and start a conversation, just don’t have to start a dialogue with an unexpected invitation to the theater. First ask how she is doing, how her day went, and finally ask what her plans are for tomorrow night.

If she says that she is free, tell her about your idea and wait for an answer. If she refuses, do not try to find out the reasons, it is indecent. You can re-invite her to meet and go somewhere in a week. If the last time the reason was in urgent matters, this time she would agree or offer to reschedule the meeting for another day, more convenient for her. In the event that she refuses you a second time (and does not show any initiative), you should no longer impose her communication on her.

  • If she is your colleague

In case you want to invite a colleague on a date, you need to act more delicately. Here, the algorithm will be almost the same as in the above paragraph, however, the circumstances under which you do this are important.

It is best to approach her when there are no other employees nearby. Indeed, at work, rumors are spread instantly, and few people want to be whispered about him behind his back.

In addition, make sure that she is not in a hurry to fulfill an important assignment and is not going to run away. In this case, your fleeting conversation can be very awkward.

It’s also important to find out if service romances are prohibited in your organization by corporate culture rules (yes, it happens).

Plus, remember that in case of her refusal, you will have to face her every day. If you’re ready to take it, go for it!

  • If she is a stranger

This option can be considered almost the most adventurous and most risky of all. However, it also has its advantages – in case of refusal, you will no longer see this girl, and you will not have to look into her eyes later.

If you want to meet on the street, first of all make sure that you are not in a dark alley where the last lamp will soon go out. Let it be a crowded and pleasant place where no one will suspect a rapist of you.

Then try to get close to her and create eye contact full of friendliness and sincerity, just do not wink, bulge your eyes and in all possible ways non-verbally attract her attention. If she smiled back at you, feel free to approach her and start a conversation.

Introduce yourself, say something unusual, funny, funny, compliment her cool sneakers, but in no case say that she is beautiful, and you fell in love at first sight.

Remember that you should not approach from behind when you meet, touch the girl, and even more so to chase her. If she quickened her pace, started talking to someone on the phone and demonstratively does not pay attention to you, then you better get behind her.

If everything goes well, try to keep up a conversation with her for two minutes, then analyze your communication. If you think that everything is fine, ask her phone number or account on social networks.

Or you can not postpone your date for later and invite her to go to the nearest coffee shop, asking if she has free time. Why not?

By Cindy
July 20, 2020

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