The scientists warned of high death rate from HIV and tuberculosis due to COVID-19

Due to the pandemic, the number of deaths from malaria, HIV and tuberculosis in poor and developing countries will in next 5 years, say scientists from University College London.

Scientists concluded that the number of deaths will increase due to the load on health system during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study examined several scenarios – from full rejection of all preventive measures to imposition of strict restrictions.

In the most negative scenario, the number of HIV deaths will increase by 10% compared to the past years, as some people will be forced to stop their treatment. The increase in tuberculosis deaths will be connected with a decrease in diagnosis and refusal of treatment. In case of malaria, in the next 5 years, 36% more people will die.

The researches believe that in current conditions the number one task should be regularity of treatment. “Our results only highlighted the difficult decisions that should be made by politicians. Well regulated, long term measures can prevent the majority of deaths. But if there is weak management, they will only lead to deaths from another diseases”, study concludes.  

By Cindy
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July 19, 2020

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